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  1. En español lo diré. Las hadas de crearon por algo y tú cómo conocedor para Pokémon debes estar con consciente de lo estable que se volvió el meta a partir de la 6gen. Se creó para darle un paro a los amantes de los dragones y porque faltaba algo a lo que fuera eficaz veneno y metal. Las hadas dieron total armonía al metagame ¿Si no es así? da tú queja a Game Freak y a la TPC.
  2. Why aren't developers looking for more partners to help them with the game? That instead of being 4 they are 10 or 12 so the load would not be so great
  3. Also, there are not enough fairies to be afraid of them, only Clefable, Togekiss and Azumarill would be a problem solving izzy with a metagross xd
  4. But put the fairies in and Conkeldurr pees before clefable and disarmament will not have such an impact, because everyone will have a fairy and a metal in their teams.
  5. Good morning, I explain the situation in more detail. the morning of January 9, 2021. I was doing my routine game to rank, but the channel's chat spoke of a city in Unova that has a censored word, and I commented that and wrote the word so that they could see that it was censored, Then they silence me in the chat for "Racism" and I'm going to try to capture rayquaza, 30 minutes pass and it takes me out of the section. I did not think it would be so recorded if I censored the word, and I did not believe I was offending anyone, I am not a racist because I am also of color, gentlemen administrators, I really implored you to give me back my Brunotowers account, I promise not to say any bad word, or anything that affects the environment of my fellow players.
  6. Well with this I remain calm, but I ask for at least some new gen, perhaps the new movements or a better example "The assault vest or the safe weakness" that are missing.
  7. hahaha Yes, you have discovered me, but it would be an interesting skill right?
  8. Well, there is already Mod, with 3D models of all the poke, why doesn't all the 3D poke come back and some 6th gen wild ones are added as proof? It would also be an option.
  9. Or perhaps an expansion pass of a few evolutionary lines and that are easier to find for users of donated status, so developers are more motivated to expand this world of pokes
  10. but in other words, isn't there a possibility of adding mons from time to time? If they could program Wild Zorua, why not with time a poke like goodra's evolutionary line? wild or by event or perhaps with the entry of johto an expansion pass with at least 10 evolutionary lines of pokes from other gen or initial pokes, there are so many possibilities to add a larger catalog and so many ideas
  11. I do not ask for mega for the community, rather I see as a reliable point to use Pkmon hackrom as the "gaia" that brings the mons from 1 gen to 6 gen or even the NDS rom such as Pkmon delta that brings programmed mons de gens more current. I mean, don't be closed minded, is it so much a problem to insert new mons without the need for a new map? They already did it with the hoen safari area where 2nd gen mons come out, why don't they do the same with 6th gen ones? maybe in monthly special events or every 6 months, but think about it, it's not crazy.
  12. First of all good morning / evening. I make this suggestion in order to refresh something the meta and wonder Greninja in this game? are you crazy, But I do not open to bring Mon himself, but his imitation in skill as is kecleo with proteian. I know it sounds crazy, but it would be interesting to have a mon with that ability in the meta. And well, if the bosses of the Christmas event with ultra-entities managed to program, why not this?
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