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  1. Sorry, read this ( ⬇️ ) post too quickly and misinterpreted it 🤦‍♂️
  2. Good news is that nugger sale price is back at 5k! I'm gonna try this right now
  3. Hi there! I got a curious question for you all. Do berries growth time have some form of RNG associated? Or they strictly follow the time in the in-game description? Just asking because I got the feeling that my berries are taking longer that they're supposed to...could be only my impression tough.
  4. Forgive me if I am wrong, but reading the Advanced Berry Guide gave me the impression that different berries should be watered at diferent rates depending if they are Thirsty, Very Thirsty or Little(?) Thirsty. How do these Drain Rates affect these times? Or does the growth rate directly relates to the thirst level? If that is so, then everything makes sense... EDIT: I just realized that berries have only 2 levels of "Thirsty" and they correspond to 12 and 15 hours when waiting to water again once the water level becomes 5 droplets (nearly flodded). Now things do make sense. Thank you very much for this guide!
  5. Thanks!! I was getting crazy looking for a way to find this info, hadn't think of that before
  6. Agreed. In fact, a bouncing bike is essential to actually access specific areas (in hoeen for example). I'm currently looking for a way to use bouncing bikes in hoeen without much success I attached a screenshot of one of these exact spots where you can't pass through without bouncing EDIT: OK apparently you CAN use acro and mach bike in hoeen by talking to Rydel and switching bikes, don't know how I didn't see this before, sorry. Here's a screenshot of Wattson amazed by our newly rediscovered stunts:
  7. I figured it out. Posted here: Thanks to @Zoubek for making the fine tutorial that helped me to realized I could edit the GUI in this way:
  8. What is it you would like see customized/made? It would be really nice to have an option for disabling move effectiveness preview on the battle screen (aka not showing if a move is "super effective", "not very effective", "effective" "ineffective" or "status") How would you like to see it customized/made? It's a really pratical aspect of the interface, at least I don't need much aesthetic changes. Just hiding or removing the text should be fine. It seems like a rather simple change to do, yet I have absolutely no idea on how to do it. Reference examples (optional): Done in the simplest possible way, it would be something like this: (12/01/2020)EDIT: Ok I just figured out how to do it. In the folder "pokemmo/data/themes/default/res" there is a file named "effectivity_buttons_en". The effectiveness text displayed in-battle is on that image. I opened up an image editor and erased the text, then replaced the original file (after a backup of course). I'll leave the image here: (i hope it is downloadable like this) The end result: I can't believe that actually worked ~~I hope this is the right place to post this~~
  9. Omg this is exacly what I was looking for, thanks!
  10. Loved the idea of this guide, these kind of information for competitive are a must. Hope the images get fixed / replaced soon, if possible I'm willing to help @suigin
  11. Well, there's no need to be that rude. But that's actually an important point: pokemmo's objective is not to bring the original console game's experience to online multiplayer; it is to bring to MMO experience to the pokemon games by building on top of the games we already know. It's a different philosophy that leads to different design choices, and thus the differences we see from the original games. So, it's understandable that people expecting the classical handheld experience would be shocked or disappointed (as I was). It's a good thing to make that observation clear in discussions like this one, so people can better understand their frustration and make a conscious choice: "do I want this MMO experience? Or I just wanted the console back with lots of people to play with?" Sorry for the long text people I just had to say that at this point haha
  12. I see. Guess we can just try and adapt to it, I'll give it a shot and keep playing until getting the hang of managing teams and exploring without infinite tms at my disposal
  13. Now, Unova TMs should be reusable. This is a crucial change made in 5 gen that greatly improved both build and exploration experience. I know this would greatly impact tm economy on the mmo, yet it is an important reflection of power progression over the story progression: the farther you go, the easier it is to build, until everyone reaches a cap. One thing that could be made as a 50/50 solutions is to make bought TMs consumable while the story TMs remained reusable
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