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  1. *Team Name*: Pechadores *Players*: Bund, Vosfijate Wallarro, AngeloDLZ XMaikell, JossueCR XSofiaQwQXx, Devilongo SebastianRVM, Cmawesomee *Subs* :TezcatYT,Pizzaconewe *Cheerliders*: RodrigoSalas,Andoss,MasterAndres,IntellzXSenshiXz,Zkot *Team Captain*: Bund
  2. Team Name: CoreSeven Team Tag: CØRË Registered Players: JossueCR, Wallarro, Bund, Silverraid, zXsenshiXz, Rodrigosalas, xSofiaQwQxx, zkot, TezcatYT, darmoiZ, JoshueCM, AxelitoMix, XxxVictor, INTELL, danielZF, Vosfijte. Team Captain: JossueCR
  3. IGN: Wallarro Country: Venezuela Tiers : OU Y UU Discord: Wallarro#1354 Notes: UwU
  4. Team Name: CoreSeven Team Tag: CØRË Registered Players: JossueCR, wallarro, DarmoiZ, xxBardockxx, GarchompUwU, TezcaYT, zkot, OscarD, MichelDuky, Rodrigosalas, AxelitoMix,JoshueCM,Agustten Team CAP: JossueCR
  5. https://pokepast.es/6c96a6e7a6343f24 I chose Alakazam because it is a pokemon with a lot of potential to sweep a team, I use it with a focus band so as not to feel threatened of being locked up with a pursuit, to resist attacks with priorities and if I see the need to boost it without running the fear of dying Empoleon: It would be my defogger to take care of Alakazam's focus sash and cover him of all his weaknesses, Protection to detect which mov a pokemon will use with an object chosen in the example such as krookodile, staraptor Krookodile: Krookodile's func
  6. @NagaHex Edite mi team, bund x auraforce es la alt de bund porque no tiene sinnoh en su main
  7. 252 SpA Choice Specs Adaptability Porygon-Z Tri Attack vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Eviolite Porygon2: 70-84 (36.6 - 43.9%) -- guaranteed 3HKO Pz spamea tri attack and P2 recover. and it's a matter of turns for me to paralyze, burn or freeze you.
  8. snorlax and p2 cover yanmega pretty well
  9. but p2 is not that difficult to stop, pZ I think only bronzong careful stops it well and if it freezes you were fine, a ghost too but you run the risk of being predicted by a dark pulse
  10. BAN pZ please, A very difficult Pokémon to stop and on top of that it has the factor that always freezes
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