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  1. Tenacious Taillows () Vs The Legends Never Die () OU1: QuinnW vs Enchanteur - Encanto OU2: Gabuchox vs Sebat - Sebat OU3: Badbaarsito vs awaLLz - Awallz @Latiosrol UU: YettoDie vs Arca - YettoDie @DrakeHope Doubles: OrangeManiac vs Yjos - Orange SWSHLC: Goldeneyes vs ElCoolio- Elcoolio Luxurious Luxrays () Vs Munya's Mienfoos () OU1: Sintatic vs killuacuba - Sintatic OU2: Queest vs PedroLindoUnico -Queest OU3: KokenoCastro vs TomaselioMP- KokenoCastro UU: Tawla vs Havsha - Havsha @Latiosrol Doubles: Gasyflour vs EEDays- Gasyflour @DrakeHope SWSHLC: Urquidi vs Rigamorty - Urquidi @Paul Rare Rayquazas () Vs The Scary Scraggys () OU1: xWhinkz vs AngelosRed- xWhinkz @AwaXGoku OU2: DarkQuiler vs Stelian - Darkquiler @AwaXGoku OU3: Filantropia vs Hernjet- Filantropía @Latiosrol UU: BartekDolar vs tMoi -BarketDolar @Latiosrol Doubles: Zigh vs Mkns - Zigh @Latiosrol SWSHLC: AkaruKokuyo vs Jaawaax- AkaruKokuyo @AwaXGoku All 100k
  2. IGN: Wallarro Preferred Tiers: LC OU Competitive accolades: xd Fluff:I have played few in duels in the tier but I have the knowledge, It can be a good bench Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: Cali
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