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  1. I just updated and I checked it, it's perfect now. Thanks for correcting so quickly.
  2. I updated both themes, but I'm still seeing the registration date off the trainer card, my game is in PT-BR, i think that might be it. Is there a possibility to fix it?
  3. Now it's perfect, thanks for fixing it.
  4. The trainer card isn't show the issued correctly. I'm a fan of your dark theme, and this blue is amazing, congratulations.
  5. This is a theme I modified based on the Extra Dark Theme by PhoenixNoah I use, and I decided to share it with everyone. I play in PT-BR so some elements are in that language, I can provide the version with the original elements in English if requested. I used some elements from other themes that I probably don't remember now, since I've been using this theme for a long time and I've been modifying it little by little, if you see any element of your theme, let me know and I'll give you credit. Download (Google Drive) Login Battle GUI Move Selection GTL Pokémon Data
  6. Vá até o site do Java (Download Java for Windows) baixe e instale a última versão, reinicie seu pc e entre no jogo.
  7. Your welcome. Curious to see how your theme will be, I hope you post here. :D
  8. Found the file "fonts.xml" in the theme folder, open it, then search for the word "battle", then you will see size="48" Just change the number for the size you want, 24 is a good size. Sorry for bad english.
  9. You have to extract the content of the zip, then you have e a folder with a name of the theme. Then you move the folder that you've extract to the folder "themes" on the PokeMMO folder. Then open the game, go to Settings > interface and change the theme, is the first option. Is recommended to restart the game after this. (Sorry for bad English)
  10. You are awesome. This is the most beautiful theme I've ever used! Are there plans to change the life bars? I think something in the style of the standard theme would look amazing.
  11. Wow! Perfect! Maybe you could keep the original colors of the "effective" and "very effective" on the battle screen.
  12. Very beautiful, intuitive and clean. I think it would be perfect with these changes. Good luck, I hope you can implement it somehow, I can't wait to use it.
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