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  1. IGN: Filantropia Tier: all Discord: Ozunabb:6193
  2. Team name: Héroes del whisky Players: Filantropia, Azzazz, InuYashal
  3. IGN: Filantropia Country: Argentina Tier: LC, UU, DUBS Note: Gardel is Argentino
  4. Team Name: Vermilion Golden Champions. Team Tag: [VGC]. Registered Players: Cristi, urquidi, YEYOxD, ZyzyD, xWhinkz, lKillua, Wickedwanga, Juanchoqui, Thralls, AlfonsoC, Filantropia, MegaBladers, MorissetteA, ninamik, AngelosRed, abstractt, Huargensy, AnGeLOrGuLloSo, ELMALOTE, AlejovishGB. Team Captain: Cristi.
  5. Team Name: GuardiansOfTheRose Team Tag: [ RØSÊ ] Registered Players: Filantropia, JorgeFirebolt, RottenCorpse, ninamik, InuYashaL, Zenolf, MorisseteA, iFreddyRodriguez, Novaniel, branYT, azzazz, BBoyFire, elcarvo, JuLioZm, kellicienta, LeoMaccho, Kiikkyo, SarangTwT. Team Captain: JorgeFirebolt
  6. Team Name: GuardiansOfRose Team Tag: RØSÊ Registered Players: MendeeZ, Filantropia, JorgeFirebolt, RottenCorpse, Ninamik, Aisker, InuYashaL, KokenoCastro, BiliBiliBiltian, Zenolf, MorisseteA, iFreddyRodriguez, INTELL. TeamCaptain:MendeeZ
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