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  1. Superman sends his regards... He was wondering what took you so long... : )
  2. Could use a name change ticket to change your player name. Is that what you're looking for? Deleting a character and trying to create a new with same name may take some time before the name becomes available.
  3. It sounds a lot like https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/45-unofficial-tournaments/ You're welcome to organize your own events there or on your own.
  4. I advised all party's in global chat to change the topic. When you continued to make a scene and disrupt the other players, I decided to issue a minor mute and explain the reasoning behind it.
  5. Welcome to the Value Advice thread; here you will be able to ask questions regarding your potential trades/purchases and they will be answered by the community. Rules are as follows: Do not post the value of a species unless it is in direct response to a question or answer. Do not request advice about something you do not intend to buy/sell/trade in the near future. Do not attempt to artificially manipulate prices. If you are caught doing so, there will be consequences. Trolling/flaming/off-topic posts are strictly prohibited and will result in a warning
  6. We'll see what we can do. @Yohannovich
  7. love the avatar.

  8. What about new sales submitted to GTL get announced to Trade Chat? Something along those lines?
  9. Guess that makes two of us.... remember me? :P
  10. In game name: Kudasai Join Date: April 2012 Hours played: 2,900 (give or take) Screenshot of your character: The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Fast Car, Jonas Blue Current occupation: Collaboration Engineer Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Salt Your super hero power would be: Thor's Hammer - Lightning Strike Favourite Pokemon: Espeon Favourite Movie: Harry Potter Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Mainframe (Cartoon Network) Last meal you ate was: Chicken Fajitas

    Ok I accept but you can return me to my skarmory comp by gavilanmaximo please just need that

  12. good day, you remember me? i ask for help about the ban in my account, and u say to me to reset the password and when the password is changed you will check and release the ban... sorry for my bad english

  13. Hi! do you see my message? i'm already changed my password

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