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  1. Team name:QuinnWNotLC Team members:(RareBush,QuinnW, ChronoRike)
  2. at least Lucario wont be UU phew
  3. IGN: ChronoRike Country: Spain Tier: NU, UU Discord: Chrono#7626
  4. Team Name: Kakam Miembros: LeoTsb, SoumaYukihira, TitoCas, JereSteve, diegoperezzz. Sustituto: ChronoRike
  5. its a jk that azumarill will be NU? say yes pls
  6. Team Tag: Onez Team Name:KeLoKe Registered Players:SoumaYukihira, daveart, ChronoRike, LeoTsb, Diegoperezzz, OscarD Team Captain:LeoTsb
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