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  1. The real question is who's the poorest. Cause I'm pretty sure i'm in the top ten on that list. As for the richest... Uuuughh... Some other people have already said this, but I'm gonna repeat it anyways... some guy/gal who's made a lot of donations to the game. Sounds about right.
  2. Hi, I'm GuyDolan. MY ingame name is also GuyDolan. Dolan is an anagram for Donald. My real name. minus the second d. I've been a pokémon fan very quite a while. Back when Ash was still travelling in Kanto. Back when there were only 150 pokémans. 151 if you include mew. I played the original red and blue games. I didn't play the original silver and gold versions. I did however play the continuing generations ,and one of my favorite games heartgold. X is also up there too. I didn't play sun or moon, but I did play ultra sun some time after it was released. Got a discount since the game was fairl
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