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  1. Just Search a 1x31 and 2x25+ Breeder in GTL, I think Your eyes will burn after seeing the cost.
  2. You came late here, so you don't deserve the name. First Come, First Served.
  3. Oh Man Staffs Removed my Previous Comment .... Not Fair..
  4. I am searching a shiny magikarp from April 2019...I got wild shiny ditto in single encounter but not that karp... SRIF
  5. lmao that ditto + it's gonna be fun the winners are gonna earn too much $ from their ditto+ prize rp
  6. Don't forget killing a horde is now 3x-4x time faster than past.
  7. Multiple accounts running in same time in a same device isn't allowed I guess. Not sure
  8. Don't lie Johto will come Tomorrow.
  9. So I just started doing PvP, feels good except when my pokemon miss accuracy move _-_ So Last time when pelipper was in OU I somehow got it, but when I finally checked out my pelipper I got it as Keen Eye ability which is Completely useless in PvP. These prize will also come in future too so I would like to suggest to let us choose the ability in the section of pokemon claim. Have A Good Day! -IFCI
  10. Hello! I would like to suggest to raise the time in PvP from 3 minutes to 5 Minutes at least.. I live in a place where Internet connection is extremely slow... Due to the low time of reconnection I already lost 2-3 battle and It really hurts because I lost a match i was about to win... I have a elo of 620+ so it cuts a lot point when I lose a match and loosing for disconnection feels very bad..... Please try to raise it. Have a good day! -IFCI
  11. Go To https://support.pokemmo.eu And Create a Support Ticket
  12. No there is no way to pick berry automatically.
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