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  1. Because of the absurd grind to try to get a high rank, it already makes the event massive and nothing fun ... To enter the rank, you must spend 6, 7 hours + relying on rng to try to stay in the rank
  2. Hey guys new att came out, Hoenn's tracks were added, I hope you like it :)
  3. that's it I hope you like it :) Leave your feedbacks
  4. 8BitsMusicMod, change the songs to 8bit format, remember the nostalgia of playing Pokemon in GB / GBA specially remastered, with high quality Available in Kanto / Unova regions Soon I will bring updates for Hoenn / Sinnoh regions Download link > https://mega.nz/file/C01HUa5J#fsEZZ6KaVrMTmpx8Ll-hFK6Ncuy8JMGk78YdPEf6Cdo Kanto . Modified Battle Wild Pokemon . Modified Battle Horde Pokemon . Modified Battle Trainers . Modified Battle (Gym Leader / E4) . Modified Battle Rival and last battle . Modified Rival Appears . Modified Rocket Hideout . Modified Bike theme / Cycling Soon more updates. Hoenn . Modified May's Theme . Modified Aqua/Magma Hideout . Modified Battle Frontier . Modified Battle Arena . Modified Battle Pyramid . Modified Battle Palace . Modified Battle Tower . Modified Battle Pike . Modified Battle Factory . Modified Battle Dome . Modified Battle (Wild Pokemon) . Modified Battle (Team Magma / Aqua Grunts) . Modified Battle (Trainer) . Modified Battle (Gym Leader) . Modified Battle (Champion) . Modified Battle (May) . Modified Battle (Elite Four) . Modified Battle (Magma/Aqua Leader Maxie/Archie) Unova . Modified Battle! Wild Pokemon . Modified Battle! Strong Wild Pokemon. Modified Battle! Trainer . Modified Battle! Subway Trainer. Modified Battle! Gymleader. Modified Battle! Rival. Modified Battle! Team Plasma Grunt. Modified Battle! Elite Four. Modified Battle! Champion . Modified Battle! N Battle! N Final . Modified Battle! Legendary Pokemon . Modified Battle! Cynthia Soon more updates.
  5. @Gilan Apparently it works on Android, but on the PC nothing happens
  6. It didn't work here, I put the mod on and it doesn't play any sound
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