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  1. At this very moment in global chat there's a player who has quite literally advocated for me to "drink bleach" and "savour it". I won't name the player, you have access to chat logs, but when I get multi-day bans for much less it certainly rubs me the wrong way. Incorporate a report feature or enforce rules around the clock. I understand asking for the latter is unrealistic, but then there's no point in having staff on this game. I understand making this post will likely lead to it getting locked and maybe even result in ME receiving punishment, but this is just ridiculous. Please do better.
  2. Well I'm glad this has been useless...
  3. Surely there's somebody more tech savvy than myself that knows how to install this on Windows? Anybody?
  4. I mean could this work using a different download link maybe? Or Incognito mode?
  5. Unfortunately that is not the case. When I clicked Advanced, this is what the drop-down lead to: updates.cdn-apple.com normally uses encryption to protect your information. When Chrome tried to connect to updates.cdn-apple.com this time, the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials. This may happen when an attacker is trying to pretend to be updates.cdn-apple.com, or a Wi-Fi sign-in screen has interrupted the connection. Your information is still secure because Chrome stopped the connection before any data was exchanged. You cannot visit updates.cdn-apple.com right now because its certificate has been revoked. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later. It does not ever "work later"
  6. I believe it's my browser, which is Chrome. The thing is that when I change my protection settings, or straight up remove protection while browsing, I still get the same issue. Is it possible to download iCloud from other links and have it work with AltStore? I'm just confused as to why this is such a process.
  7. So I'm following the prompts here: https://faq.altstore.io/getting-started/how-to-install-altstore-windows When I click the second link to download iCloud on Windows the webpage loads this: I've adjusted the protection and reloaded the page and I don't seem to be able to get past this. Does anybody have any solutions?
  8. This just kinda pisses me off... Because now everybody is going to want a secret shiny, a regular shiny will be too pedestrian... 1/480,000...what a joke. This is a game where shiny hunting is probably the only other real "endgame" along with PvP and just hoarding vanities...at least PvP doesn't wait 480,000 times to give you a good match.
  9. Because 1/30,000 is bad enough, who thought it would be fun to do 1/480,000?
  10. I just feel like nobody asked for this. I was told secret shiny was something from Sword/Shield or something. I didn't even know it existed...like why?
  11. So they added another layer of RNG on top of a stupidly low shiny chance...like who asked for this crap?
  12. Only recently saw the update notes and read that this was something that's in beta. I haven't had the chance to download and test everything personally, so I wanted to check and see what people's initial impressions are when it comes to its performance on an iPhone.
  13. Considering how many fled shinies are in this thread, why do you people still go to Safari Zone after you've completed your dex?
  14. I swear there needs to be definitive standards on what's bannable and what's not because it's very subjective depending on which moderators are lurking in the background and when they're online to enforce rules...other dudes are talking about furry bait and their love lives but I get a 7-day ban for calling 2-3 people "****ing idiots" for providing somebody who asked a question the RIGHT answer when those 2-3 people were giving incorrect information. There's literally a profanity filter THAT YOU NEED TO TURN OFF VOLUNTARILY so I don't know why this is even considered an offense if I'm not personally attacking somebody or spouting off repeatedly. So please provide me with that support link, although I'm sure it won't make a difference...we all know how that worked out for that dude that got indefinitely banned because some staff THINKS he was the owner of an inappropriate Twitter account... I know this game's staff reserves the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason...but my god...have a standard, enforce it religiously with zero tolerance, and have somebody on to enforce it at all times because this "pick and choose" crap is ridiculous.
  15. How did I miss this? An opportunity to bully Bert? Finally an OT.
  16. This might end up going in Guides or something eventually, but right now I'm trying to see if anybody could A. help contribute known facts to it, or B. clarify how the sets work. So first and foremost, here's the sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vzk8RI7KAeOyePhLNeRkF2ukZTaDMQlCk6nZZ1zcLk8/edit#gid=0 If people could tell me a few things I'd appreciate it; Whether trainers in the 7-series follow the same order within that series as listed (ex if you face PKMN Trainer Dominic first whether you'll face others in that same group of 7 I have listed and/or if they'll be in the same order) Whether the trainers' teams match their name or whether they're randomized (if you face PKMN Trainer Dominic will he ALWAYS have the team listed there that I faced?) Discovered moves/items/abilities that have been confirmed or ruled out, since NPCs can have HAs I remember vividly facing the Lightningrod Rhydon/Charizard team but I did not recall if it was the same trainer and if the rest of the team were the same as I faced before for example. I don't care for getting super high leaderboard streaks, I just want to register the legendaries and I'm hoping knowing what's coming or what moves something has will help make that process easier. So any information you'd like to share either on here or via message would be appreciated.
  17. No. That's what happens when you turn on the option to Always show percentages. EDIT: Found all it literally does is keep pokemon HP health bars visible during move animations...can't even get a turn order...
  18. I switched Battle Percentages on to make Battle Frontier a little more manageable, but I'm wondering what this setting changes? I assumed it would add a turn count or something, but I see no difference.
  19. Does anybody happen to know how to get this encounter counter working on Mac? After much tinkering I managed to find how to open PokeMMO client folder and extracted the download to the mods folder there, but when I try to launch the exe file I get an error. Has anybody gotten this to work on Mac?
  20. Good god I don't know if that would even be worth it at that point.
  21. Anybody done the math on the expected cost of repels for a shiny?
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