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  1. This man is the reason they won't increase the shiny rate...
  2. Guys...stay out of Safari Zone...my god
  3. Make it breedable. Otherwise this prize is kinda pointless.
  4. Don't ban me, we're teammates πŸ™‚
  5. This forum needs a downvote feature.
  6. I know I've got a brash history of how I communicate in Global chat and I understand why I've gotten muted in most cases. However, I'm not sure what I did wrong here. I wasn't provided a log of what I said that warranted the ban and I can't think of anything I did that was particularly out of character and could've been perceived as being more offense beyond the normal profanity I use and have used. Considering there's a filter for that and I haven't ever received a mute directly for that, I can't understand what I might've done here. I tried to appeal the ban through support, as mentioned in the title, but it's too short of a ban period for me to appeal. If a mod could PM me the chat log of what caused this or anything along those lines I'd just appreciate some transparency. Thanks.
  7. You can ask these questions in-game and get a much quick answer via Global chat.
  8. How to play PokeMMO on iPhone: Download Steam Link app Add PokeMMO to Steam game library Link desktop to phone through Steam Link Navigate to PokeMMO through Steam Link and press Play Configure your on-screen touchpad You're playing The problem with this is that your PC needs to stay on the entire time you plan to play which is why I no longer do it. However, I did find my first shiny while BF farming at work.
  9. I wonder how many people have boxes of eggs, gotten the shiny they're looking for, then continued hatching what they already had and got another one.
  10. This might be the worst screenshot I've ever seen.
  11. Yeah 660k/hr might be the most he made in an hour but I can't see something like this being consistent and reliable.
  12. For context the person in question claims to make this 660k/hr by breeding comp mons and selling them. Something like FenixFox was his name. Yeah I don't buy it.
  13. Can I ask how much/what you do for money? I feel like you get a new shiny every other day so you must just be absolutely spamming leppas for hours and hours right?
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