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  1. Something I thought of at work today. People (myself included) tend to discredit non-OT shinies, and to a lesser extent, non-OT comp Pokes. I'm wondering if it's possible and if others feel it would be a slight improvement to have the person who won the event that rewards the Pokemon to have their OT rather than the person who is awarding the prize.
  2. So I've completed all four region. I made a consistently successful gym rebattle team and can clear all the gyms in a little under 2 hours. I've got less than 10 pokemon I need to catch to complete the OT pokedex, most of which are phenos. Now I'm wondering what to do afterwards. The two that stick out most to me are shiny hunting and competitive PvP. Shiny hunting I know will be fun but it'll also be extremely monotonous and expensive in terms of leppas while I try to stay awake throughout the thousands of encounters necessary. Comp PvP I know much less abo
  3. I assume that's the Chinese word for "pheno"? I can't read the language so I assume that I'll be able to tell where it is based on a number that would correspond with the route?
  4. Title basically. I'm working on completing the National Dex and I need 9 Pokemon, most of which are pheno exclusive. I've noticed that Global is usually full of sperg and very rarely do I see a pheno callout, so I'm wondering how people went about this without wasting massive amounts of time?
  5. Cus I kinda don't. From what I understand everybody is after vanities and particle effects, but requires coordination with 2-4 people in a wave-style Pokemon run that lasts around an hour. Do I have that right? Cus it doesn't sound particularly fun but I'm wondering if I'm missing out on something here.
  6. Just wanna say some feedback from using this team. Some rough combinations include Misty using Pelipper/Floatzel against the Drought strat doesn't work because this Pelipper is slower than Torkoal and gives Floatzel Swift Swim. Which it uses to toss out Aqua Tail and one-shot my Typholosion. Against this team I think I brought Kingdra/Torkoal so Kingdra's Swift Swim could hit Floatzel while Torkoal tanks. The other combination is against Volkner where he uses Luxray and Pelipper. BirbEQ loses to this because Luxray has a Focus Sash and will cut in after Archeops unless
  7. Oh I didn't know the teams can change up. Didn't know we have a 20 level advantage. I'm running the "best gym rebattle team" from the Guide Tavern so hopefully it's good for most matchups.
  8. Title. Basically I just completed a rebattle team and I'm wanting to know what I'll be up against and have to plan for as far as who I start against who.
  9. Title. I think it'd be cool to have a trainer profile we can view without having to battle the person to see them and stuff.
  10. I second this. Mightyena horde farming for attack EVs in Hoenn can be a pain.
  11. Thanks, yeah that's what I ended up doing. Now it's just a matter of EVs, levels, and movesets. I imagine that when somebody does the gym rebattles they rebattle ALL the gyms in ALL the regions? Ideally with an amulet coin active? I imagine that's something you get more efficient with as time goes on - memorizing gym puzzles and the like. Or do people ever just avoid certain gyms for that reason?
  12. Does Archeops not need specific IVs? EDIT: Or Flygon?
  13. Uhh...how do I actually launch it?
  14. Thanks for posting this. I actually read this guide before and couldn't find it, not realizing it was for GYM rebattles whereas I thought it was for E4 rebattles.
  15. Well right now I have about 2 million PokeYen saved up. I have a level 100 Manectric I used for Dicharge horde farming and my Starmie is level 70 with the Surf/Psychic/Thunderbolt/Ice Beam set. Everything else I used for story is in the low 60s or high 50s and not properly EV trained since I mostly just farmed Tentacruel hordes in Hoenn to level my mons once I got the ability to change regions. I have a bunch of garbage mons I could probably sell on GTL to clear them out. But if I were to follow you recommendations what would you suggest as being my next steps? Considering my goals
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