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  1. +1 Works well in showdown. Sometimes something comes up or my opponent is stalling/wasting when we both know he is going to win. Makes for a waste of time when i could be otherwise improving my team.
  2. Joined pokemmo one year ago today.

  3.     Just voicing an opinion here, but if there are people whose internet is bad enough to where they cannot make a forum post in time. Wont it be the same people who cant make it to the tourney in time or dc in the middle of a battle? Do we really want those people to join tourneys just to dc and be replaced by a reserve?
  4. Yeah, the price for creating the team is beyond cheap. This fee would be nothing to any active team leader who really invests in the game, and really the right to own a team should only be given to active players who have at least a minor following. I mean what is the good in having a one man team and the one guy never plays, it just takes up a team name and a team tag. A fee or expiration date is really necessary in my opinion.
  5.   5000$ to make the team, seems reasonable that you should have to pay a poke fee every month. It's not like there's an active team that wont be able to afford it.
  6. I second this notion, although black overcoat is already very good looking.
  7. Dat active post number

    1. TemiFemi22


      I shall never again post anything else v__v

  8. It would be very difficult to do and the end result really isn't worth it.
  9. Donator status is great the way it is, this gives an unfair advantage to players who buy donator status and alienates anyone who doesn't use it. I do not recommend any changes to donator status.   5 dollars to hatch 99 eggs. For bagon this is 2,079,000 steps less you have to take at the measly price of 5 dollars. Atm 5 dollars buys you a hat. This completely breaks the entire economy of Pokemmo instantly.
  10. Increasing anything the gift shop( especially donator status) from this point is verging on pay to win. It is currently in a state where the term "donator" still applies. It's not a way for people with money to be able to outdo the people with money, it's a way to support the devs. As for amnesia brace, there is no real need to have it, it's a nice little help though, that's the way everything should be in my opinion. I'm seeing a lot of posts here that pretty much make the entire game broken.
  11.   Ah, i see. Yeah, I suppose that's simple enough.
  12. Ha! I just saw somebody ask that in global, it's a little bit complex and the pokedex is pretty helpful already, but this would be a good addition in my opinon. Yeah, id like to see this too.
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