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  1. Lol this thread was originally made 4 months ago in February. 4 months of believing and supporting devs unconditionally, 4 months of devs working hard to deliver the event and their hard work pays off as it arrives on the exact date they first announced. What a beautiful community
  2. Omg each user only gets 4 masterballs at maximum since we cant get unlimited master balls from the radio like in the main storyline games thing, but these are 5, count em 5 masterballed pokemon from the same OT, truly one in a kind pokemon that any collector would pay to have. Do recommend
  3. Count encounters, every time someone thinks they are at like 500k with no shinies its because they are estimating their encounter count without actually keeping track, but if you count your encounters you'll realize #1 that you are going much slower than you think, and #2 that you'll probably get a shiny under like 50k
  4. You guys are missing the forest for the tree. What's the complaint every year? That there isnt enough content in the months between cn new year and halloween events. If the dev team had given us a 10th anniversary event on their first announced date it'd already be well over by now and we'd be bored again from lack of content. But by delaying the event for months they've kept us entertained and active for longer than the event would have, then the 10th anniversary event will eventually come on a date closer to the halloween one, and the time between the events with no new content will be minimized. It is all a masterful show of expert game development by our lords and saviours and you need to be thankful. I hope they delay it even more
  5. If we run into a horde without sweet scenting can we get a horde secret shiny?
  6. The Birdcatching Mr Madness is over. Thanks to everyone who participated and to the people that donated for making the event possible, the scores are: 1st Place Prize: Golden Tiger Mask + $6,000,000 Won by: NobleChiief 575  2nd Place Prize Shiny Sableye + $4,000,000 Won by: Zakkosaurus 544 (Earlier catch time on highest iv pokemon) 3rd Place Prize $5,500,000 Won by: Atlewis 544 4th Place Prize 1,000RP + $2,500,000 Won by: Costosis 173
  7. 9th shiny at Iron Island. Last hunt was 148k, this one is 1.6k. Rng giveth and rng taketh., Riolu soon
  8. Went to 148k encounters with no shiny. 136k of them were single encounters, the last 12k hordes, hope this doesnt happen again lol the riolu hunt resumes
  9. TEAM MR REGIONAL BIRD-CATCHING SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME EXTRAVAGANZA Date: Saturday, May 7th, 2022 Time: 1:00 PM EST (13:00 EST) | Time Zone Converter Location: All around the world Duration: 1 hour for catching +Another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring: Total Sum of IVs of all submitted pokemon = Total Score Pokémon required to make an entry Rules: - An entry consists of submitting all 4 pokemon - To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest - To win 4th place, places are sorted low to high, you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest - If anyone finds any shiny in this area during the event time, they get a guaranteed 1m from Awkways (independent from prize pool & this doesn't guarantee they win the event) - Only current in-game members of team [Mr] can play this event, all other entries will not be counted - You can only submit one entry per player - All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location - All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...) - Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry - You must be the OT of all the Pokémon - If team [Mr] is not your Main account's team, you will need to donate at least $1,000,000 to the prize pool in able to play this event - You must link your entry to the host (NeoJuaske) via whisper to submit it - In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time of any of the pokemon submitted Participating Team Mr Staff: NeoJuaske (host) To Donate: Send mail to in game name awkways with the title "Event Donation". PokeYen/Cash is preferred as it is easiest to evenly distribute amongst the winners. 1st Place Prize: Golden Tiger Mask + $6,000,000  2nd Place Prize Shiny Sableye + $4,000,000 3rd Place Prize $5,500,000 4th Place Prize 1,000RP + $2,500,000 Donations: - awkways - $2,000,000 - NeoJuaske - $2,000,000 - Pibb - $1,000,000 - BangTheIII - $1,000,000 - Turtle - $2,000,000 - LuukyPuuky - $1,000,000 - HaruLipe - $500,000 - redhoooood - $500,000 + Shiny Sableye - OHJI - $2,000,000 - FourFacedLiar - $1,000,000 - Daft - Golden Tiger Mask - SamuelJackson - $1,000,000 -NobleChieef - 1,000 RP -SirDusty - $2,000,000 -McTermi - $1,000,000 - Zaakkosaurus - $1,000,000
  10. To be clear, every single IV layout is 1/1 billion, but we only care about a specific group of IV distributions which makes them rare. So i think its more accurate to say that ditto is like 1/33554432 , which are the odds for any wild pokemon with 6 repeating ivs
  11. Pink is correct, earliest date we can verify is 13/11/2012 , but we do know the code that appears when linking pokemon increases as more pokemon are caught, which lets us make comparisons and estimates, without 100% accuracy tho since some numbers could be re-used if pokemon were released and an update happened
  12. They fear the possibility of us all jumping at the same time, causing the tectonic plates to shift and move the Johto region closer to Kanto, in which case they'd be forced to put it in the game
  13. 8th shiny in iron island , main acc is currently 91k single encounters dry, alt went about 44k dry and now got this. Riolu next
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