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  1. The colors place no unfair restrictions that would make the market any less free than it was before, the only thing that's different is that if you're refreshing gtl constantly in the items tab you'll see red colors and know the 2.3m price you see isnt for a 1000rp voucher but for a 100rp one which is one of the bigger issues with gtl scamming they were trying to fix. You can still buy anything that's red colored if you think its a good deal and list things for a price that's considered red if you think it'll sell.
  2. Someone didnt read "Proof that the optimal Safari Zone strategy is to throw balls every turn"
  3. Just look on gtl for dittos with the same 31 ivs as yours, at any point in time you should be able to find tons of dittos with the same 31s as what you are trying to sell except for really rare dittos like 3x31 natureds and 4x31s for which trade chat is better
  4. Everything you post is just dumber and dumber i have no idea how tf you do it holy shit, you dont understand how analogies work, you dont understand what a free market is, you dont understand what constitutes tricking someone and yet you're confidently talking about all of them , you're a fucking moron
  5. My point is that two actions having the same intent doesnt mean they're equally bad which was your response to Rache, for which the analogy is valid
  6. Do you think picking up 100 dollars that fell on the ground and stealing 100 dollars from someone's pocket while they arent looking are the same? In both you are trying to profit off other people's mistakes but I think most people would agree the latter is way worse.
  7. Juaske

    1 day donators

    Gilan you're so handsome and your encounter counter works wonders
  8. There's a great tool called Gilan's encounter counter which counts pokemon per species so you can go to a route and see how many encounters it takes you to get those very rare pokemon and how many of them you got overall to find out encounter %
  9. A sleeping ditto false swiped to 1hp should be 68% catch rate with a repeat ball afaik
  10. Imagine if people started trying to mass report wealthy players so they get banned and their stuff gets auctioned
  11. Tl;dr : This guy thinks his account is hacked and is demanding the devs tell him why his moves miss at 100% accuracy instead of just asking himself how it could happen and learning about things like BrightPowder or evasion boosts from terrain effects
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