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  1. PokeMMO is an MMO, there are limited time items in it that dont come back, its been running for almost 10 years so the first limited items are obviously extremely rare and people will pay insane amounts to have them , so the people that have been playing for a long time and invested in limiteds have become very rich, this is inevitable, it would happen 10 out of 10 times in any MMO that's been running for this long and has had limited items. The only way to change this would be re-releasing all the vanities that make up the rich player's net worth in which case a huge portion of the playerbase would just quit since they point of limited items in mmos is that they dont come back, so just play the game and have fun, people having money doesnt hurt you.
  2. Shiny eevee owner + richer than me + you fell off + 800 ots + still plays left 4 dead + ratio
  3. My first shiny hunt in mmo was Shinx, when I finally found it I accidentally killed it
  4. After 436 hours, 9965 shedinja made, and 150k squids massacred this one has a star on it. Credit to Team Mr for putting up with almost 2 months of me hunting for this. Mr rares >>>>>>>
  5. The shiny rate doesnt reset or chain your encounters at all, you have the same odds of finding a shiny at your 1st encounter and at your 100000th encounter
  6. "Marxism is where you redistribute pokemmo vanities, and its more marxist the more vanities you redistribute, and when you redistribute a real lot of vanities, its communism" XxRichardWolffxX.
  7. Ditto's catch rate slept and at 1hp with repeat ball is 68% , which is why on avg you will use between 1 and 2 repeat balls per ditto, which is still profittable. If you want a bigger profit you can do gym reruns.
  8. If you go into GTL and click advanced search you can search for a pokemon with the same IVs at 31 as yours has and see what the price is, that's what everyone does and the best way to do it.
  9. We've had quite a few people make posts complaining about the event so I just wanted to say, good job devs. The past 4 days have been really fun, the event had content for everyone regardless of their experience with the game, pumpking farming for the more experienced players, miniboss and kid fighting for mid to advanced players, and swarms for any demographic. Event wasnt perfect, the implementation of Minis made spooky candy decline in price faster than expected but that was adressed by balancing the reset timers, contrary to popular belief pumpking strats werent constantly being nerfed every day, main change was just taunt mechanic. Overall good event, look forward to the next one.
  10. I dont think its reasonable to expect the limited amount of devs to be able to come up with as many strategies as the whole playerbase combined in their play testing period. For sure it sucks to spend money on a strategy and have it nerfed but it's a risk that comes with events like these where the reward can be immense
  11. I dont know why people here have such a hatred for the devs. The event is supposed to bring new content to the game. Why would you bring new content to beginner players who still have everything else in the game as new content they havent done? Obviously an event's target demographic is going to be experienced players who have already gone through the vanilla game. The candy has been constantly going down in price to 15-20k last time it because of how easy and fast it is to find. People are even complaining that it is too easy to get candy idk how you can at the same time complain that its too hard, litterally nothing the devs can do there to leave both groups happy.
  12. Different locations have different amounts of people so you cant just keep everyone in the channel they got put in when they logged on
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