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  1. 説得都好。但是對游戲的影響完全恢復了嗎?不過就是你愛搬不搬,我就這樣而已。做過調查嗎?有幾個人對現在的天王願意投入?不過也許這就是你們要的結果。
  2. 我認爲你們Staffs看見了玩家的訴求就有義務收集并向上反饋(包括這條)。我沒得力氣再去搞一個意見貼。謝謝了,求求了。
  3. 恢復接棒吧,求求了。不然搬勾八啊。。。。
  4. 現在天王已經改成時間限制了,不能長時間刷,是否可以重新使用接棒隊了呢?
  5. This can improve my English, just use you as my tool.
  6. I don’t know, but you seem to care
  7. Even just appreciate it, it's interesting. But I understand, like you've never been like your profile photo, and you should be happy about it, because that photo is really not good-looking
  8. Sorry, my intelligence is low, I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t have WinRAR
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