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  1. Is anyone interested in doing a big cash bet? I would be betting 100m on VVVV ... I would just need to sell a vanity and we would be using a middleman
  2. If only you bet on sia instead of nore...
  3. 40m on VVVV beating the opposing team week 6
  4. Please add LifeStyleNORE to blacklist. Ty
  5. @LifeStyleNORE Send 5m to Modifications @Tawla Send 35m to Modifications Edit: Poseidon and Mikasa paid. Waiting on others
  6. It's not 110m like last time I did with Cali, so I don't see the reason to. If you would prefer, we can
  7. I already wasted some on 2016 goodie bags Edit: sent some money lol
  8. Oh yea definitely. All my bets are void if tie
  9. Yes Yes, removed my other bets on the other teams for this Yes Yes Sure. No sorry.
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