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  1. RIP to my Nidoking lmao, looks like I'm facing the E4 with 5 Pokemon and 1 bench warmer hahaha Thank you! Worth a shot to ask (y)
  2. I accidentally went past the cap for one of my 6 main Pokemon in Kanto while training in Hoenn, it leveled past by like 500 exp and I have yet to beat the E4 in Kanto (hence why I was training, but mindlessly forgot about the cap lol) anyway to fix this? [I'm playing each region with 6 Pokemon only hence why I am asking otherwise I'd just use another pokemon] - Thank you
  3. It might sound silly, but after redownloading Java... the step I was forgetting was to restart my computer. So after redownloading Java, a simple computer restart fixed the issue
  4. Got it. It was to do with my Java after all despite my multiple attempts before, must have been something I was unable to notice.
  5. I just recently discovered this application (and I cannot wait to try it). Unfortunately, I have followed every instruction possible and tried debugging myself - but the application will not run. I have successfully downloaded the ROMs that is no problem, as I have tested them on my DS Emulator. But the actual problem is with the PokeMMO app itself. I did not have Java before and have just downloaded it prior to installing PokeMMO, I have seen many threads saying it has to do with the Java however I am not sure that is the case. Anyways, once the game is installed completely, when
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