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  1. RIP to my Nidoking lmao, looks like I'm facing the E4 with 5 Pokemon and 1 bench warmer hahaha Thank you! Worth a shot to ask (y)
  2. I accidentally went past the cap for one of my 6 main Pokemon in Kanto while training in Hoenn, it leveled past by like 500 exp and I have yet to beat the E4 in Kanto (hence why I was training, but mindlessly forgot about the cap lol) anyway to fix this? [I'm playing each region with 6 Pokemon only hence why I am asking otherwise I'd just use another pokemon] - Thank you
  3. It might sound silly, but after redownloading Java... the step I was forgetting was to restart my computer. So after redownloading Java, a simple computer restart fixed the issue
  4. Got it. It was to do with my Java after all despite my multiple attempts before, must have been something I was unable to notice.
  5. I just recently discovered this application (and I cannot wait to try it). Unfortunately, I have followed every instruction possible and tried debugging myself - but the application will not run. I have successfully downloaded the ROMs that is no problem, as I have tested them on my DS Emulator. But the actual problem is with the PokeMMO app itself. I did not have Java before and have just downloaded it prior to installing PokeMMO, I have seen many threads saying it has to do with the Java however I am not sure that is the case. Anyways, once the game is installed completely, when it launches, it is running in my task manager BUT the UI does not appear and the app itself is not showing up to use, unlike seen in any of the download guide videos. Have you seen this problem before? Or do you have any recommendations to help? Thank you!
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