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  1. I'm hungry dude you have some patience I can eat bro?
  2. I didn't see this till I asked you in game I'm so there! Thanks!
  3. @Ploegy @PinkWings Pssst pink shiny prize :P Looks like a cool event, I'm in thanks!
  4. I said don't count it lol! Nah I got my 69 Skitty and I was happy. To those who end up reading this the pokedex was right(This time) those cat's are rare and they are picky. I hope you give someone new the chance to pick a catch and thanks for the chance :)
  5. This would be cool to see and would create more community involvement :) I have no clue how hard this would be to set up but it really would be nice to have.
  6. Damn stay solid dude and hope you don't get sore from your second shot.
  7. I will get a 69 mon this time! Gonna come hang out at the official event Sunday?
  8. Thanks dude I would say Skitty in Hoenn on Route 116 :) They are brokenly common for being "Rare".
  9. You said you want a story here is part of one :) - The end had come and factions were drawn in this chaotic age of change Aurora and Belle of the Fungus Alliance(FA) vs Snow White and Cinderella* Rapunzel* members of Zolds Team Rocket (TR). Tensions range high as on the dueling and exhaustion could be felt from best contestants and audience members. Both factions was know to the audience before they took the field for this last battle. (FA) came to the people claiming to carry with them something invisible and timeless called Plot and hope ,but team rocket claim was to unit
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