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  1. can you send me an image of all 5 rotom forms with following sprites?
  2. New Update that upgrades a bunch of more pokemon. Thank you all for being so patient.
  3. Hello everyone. Slight update. 2/10/20 -fixed tyranitar and gurdurr shinies. Please note this mod was made for the desktop client. I cannot guarantee it will work on android.
  4. Hello everyone. Its finally finished, the sparkle shiny version and jump version have been merged into 1 mod. Hope you all enjoy it.
  5. Updated the theme to be compatible with the Platinum Expansion!
  6. Just a combo of classic paint and Corel Paintshop Photo Pro x3. Both are old programs but they do the job.
  7. UPDATE 20/04/21 -Emergency Update: -Fixed Rotom forms -Updated Sprites for the following pokemon: -Tirtouga -Swanna -Escavalier -Klinklang -Elgyem -Litwick -Lampent -Chandelure -Shelmet -Bouffalant -Briavary -Mandibuzz -Heatmor DOWNLOAD Credits: TooManyLuigis Mortedesu Billla IMI
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