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  1. Fair change. @Bearminator My raffle just ended today. Will I have to wait a month to create my next one or will it be implemented after my next raffle? Thanks!
  2. I feel like a lot of people are losing grasp of the concept of this just being a 'game'. C'mon people.. This isn't REAL money. In regards to minors buying tickets and not understanding how they could lose money - well, that is the minority. Most of them who are participating I'm sure are well aware of how lotteries work. It isn't that hard to figure out, really. If someone asks me, 'How does the raffle work'? I always take the time out to explain it to them to the best of my ability. People that buy my tickets understand there is risk involved and because the price of winning a shiny is considerably cheap - they take the risk over hunting for hours/days/weeks for a shiny they may want. The time some of you spend complaining about people making money off of raffles can be better spent making possibly the same amount of money OR MORE doing gym runs/trainer runs/flipping pokemon in the GTL.
  3. Also, I'm sure a lot of you guys watch the Shiny Market.... How many times have you bought undervauled Shinies and relisted them or Raffled them off? How about we ask EVERY single person how much they paid for the shinies they're raffling off and see how UNFAIR I'm being. Oh and what about the person who wins the Raffle? Are they making too much profit?
  4. Also, if you'd like to single me out - take a look at this Raffle by Blue. These shinies aren't worth much. Let's say they're worth about 10m for the 5 of them. 100 Tickets at 350k a piece? Think before you single out one person.
  5. Good post but in my opinion you should consider the time and effort it actually takes to sell these tickets along with the fact that not everyone is going to sell the entirety of their tickets in the first place as well as the true profit one will make (after possibly over paying for the shinies which I do quite often). I may have sold tickets rather 'fast' with my first raffle but I've had a lot of extra time lately to do so. The amount of time and effort mentioned above to run my first raffle which sold 150 tickets to win the Shiny Marowak @ 20k each was quite exhausting. The time investment alone (advertising your raffle, convincing people to buy tickets, teaching people about the system, helping new players aquire tickets, keeping track of tickets) makes me less likely to do this consecutively. Also, take a look at the hardcore players who grow berries on 4 or 5 accounts. Do you think they should be limited as well?
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