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  1. The game help me against depression and not give me depression
  2. My account was banned,7months Ago but i am still suffering to much i cannot keep playing without my account,i love this game, please i beg for some sgm to listen my history and talk with me,this game help me with my depression for many months,i Just want to explain myself
  3. Please sgm's, adm's, give me this christmas gift,i am here again because this is Very important to me,give me my pokemmo life's back :(
  4. I play this game for many years,i make many friends and i have good moments here,i had a bad moment in my life and this game help me to much and distracted me from those moments,some months ago i made a mistake and Lost my account,but everyone makes mistakes and i pay for that,i pray for gms or sgms to listen my history and give me one more chance,Will be the best Christmas gift that somente can give me,i am a good guy,a good player i ask for another chance i lost my account but not my Hope. Merry Christmas for all and the best 2021 for everyone.
  5. Ggez


    My account was bannished without no many explanations, and my ban Appeal was rejected similary,i want to see the evidences(printscreen or something) for this ban,i want to talk with some Senior game master InBox to answer my questions. I was play this game for years and i have many and many hours here and i will not give up easily,i am a good player,i dont deserve this ban. I Will wait some staff contact me and i Will not give up my account easily.
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