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  1. still says server closed for maintenance for me
  2. depends whether there's a lot of bugs being discovered I think
  3. I love how the server was up for a few seconds and is already down :/
  4. The servers are still down apparently. I guess I won't be doing the event until tomorrow if I have time :(
  5. Is it nearly done? Excited to play :D
  6. Oh and I considered Escavalier/Accelgor but the way they evolve put me right off, that's such a dumb evolution requirement haha
  7. Forgot about johto bugs since I was using the Bulbapedia Pokédex to look into bug types lol I don't want to use any bug type more than once (e.g. using Scizor in two regions) but otherwise these are some great suggestions thanks guys :)
  8. Doing a bug only run on my alt, wanted some feedback on my teams. Unova: Volcarona, Leavanny, Scolipede, Crustle & Galvantula Hoenn: Dustox, Beautiful, Masquerin, Armaldo, Ninjask, Illumise Kanto: Parasect, Scizor, Venomoth, Butterfree, Pinsir Sinnoh: Kricketune, Heracross, Mothim, Vespiquen, Yanmega & Skorupi (evolution isn't bug)
  9. Yes I'm avoiding safaris when shiny hunting, the amount of Pokémon I've had run away is amazing lol
  10. I'll have a look, thank you! I just wanted to be 100% sure route 101 can have shiny encounters :)
  11. Just wanted to check, are there any routes where you can't find a shiny? I'm Zigzagoon shiny hunting on route 101 Hoenn just want to check its not been a waste of time/2 shiny charms.
  12. yeah I figured it out but couldn't delete the topic :D
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