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  1. Aberto a Comentarios. Como é um guia em [PT] , Priorizem falar em Portugues Open for Comment. This is a [PT] Guide, please comment in Portuguese.
  2. Guia de Farming de Itens - PT-BR Deixando claro que eu não sei se fizeram um guia de Farming em Portugues, ou um em qualquer lingua, com as informações dos Ultimos Updates, caso conheca, posta nas respostas, porem só os que foram atualizados com as infos do update 11/05/2021 Requerimentos: 1-4 Banette, Informações da Banette Abaixo - 1 Pokemon com Sweet Scent(Smeargle é preferivel, porem se for usar Teddirusa, é recomendado por Return, pra atacar cada um da horda e deixar 1 vivo, pro caso de shiny) - 1 Pokemon com Teleport(Um abra, ou se preferir usar uma Teddirusa pra usar Sweet Scent, coloca como 4° Move do Smeargle, Teleport), uma Ocarina Teleport, ou um belo estoque de Leppa Berry Procedimento: Chame uma Horda com Sweet Scent no local aonde Spanwa pokes que seguram o item desejado. (Alguns Locais, para os itens mais Lucrativos: Heart Scale, Lucky Egg Small e Amulet coin Heart Scale Amulet Coin. Lucky Egg Small ) - Espere o Frisk ser Acionado. - Como o Frisk tomou um Nerf e não mostra qual poke tem o item, de thief em cada um dos pokes. - Se o Frisk ativar mais de uma vez, significa que tem 2 itens na horda. De thief, troque pra outro banette e de thief novamente. - Caso tenha roubado todos os itens, fuja da Luta. - Se acabar os PP de Sweet Scent ou Thief, dê teleport pro centro pokemon usando o Teleport ou a Ocarina Teleport, ou então use Leppa berry pra Curar PP Em Caso de Shiny: - Troque imediatamente pro Teddirusa, ou dê thief nos não shinys da horda. - Deixe só o Shiny vivo, troque pro Smeargle, e Efetue a Captura. Fique Tranquilo, o False Swipe não mata, e caso não de pra acertar o poke com Spore ou False Swipe, use Soak e resolve.
  3. See some that have higher defense, like: Slowbro, ALomomola and Driftblim(this are more for your 150 HP and a 80-90 defense. and you can use it Unburden to outspeed him, just give him sitrus berry and you have 2x more speed and pass Lucario Scarfed Easy, but remember: avoid try to win one with Meteor Mash.), Slowbro and Alomomola from Never Used and Drifblim are Untiered. But is good to remember: If you leave it buff... End-game bro. Reflection: If you already increase damage with Swords dance, because of Extra atk, why use Life Orb? Isn't more safe go with focus sash to buff safe?
  4. Some Walls of Never used raises your usage in Under Used, because he can stop lucario. With This, most part of wall that normally Hold up this 3 mons in Never Used, Are promoted to Under Used by usage, leaving the path free from him.
  5. If Focus Sash didn't activated, DON'T USE FAKE OUT. Fake out can Flinch and Boost Speed, or doesn't flinch. How? Respectively: Steadfast or Inner Focus
  6. To use Swords Dance, need to give up from Scarf, making anything that have more speed pass him. A Combo of Flygon + Other mon with a Priority move can make Lucario death if he runs Life Orb or Focus Sash You can use a Linnone to E-speed Lucario after focus sash Activate.
  7. A point that is important to highlight: With Lucario on Under Used, too much walls of Never Used will start to appear on Under Used, coming with potential to stop lucario, being then promoted by usage to tier. This can make pokemons disappear (In terms of usage, since their usage on Never Used is very low) on Never Used, appear more, like Linnone and Charizard, even Sceptile
  8. Porygon-Z 's Relegating to Under Used makes adaptions in tier, but don't needed ban him to Borderline. So, don't are a terrible decision
  9. First topic: Counters and Checks, in Metagaming Under Used. ====== Anyone Can send your points and show to us possible counters and checks for Lucario, in mons of Under Used ====== First Possible Counter: Flygon Flygon has 100 Speed, which is higher than speed of Lucario. Flygon in pokemmo, have some sets that can counter a Lucario without trouble. Like: And about damage, without Stealth Rock, can survive to a Choice Band Adamant Lucario with Extreme Speed. Swords Dance used one turn before, depend of Stealth Rock to OHKO and is only 6,3% chance. Some calcs are here: (Go for 3° Page)
  10. And Flygon Jolly/Naive/Hasty can pass Lucario Life orb/Choice Band/Choice Specs/Focus Sash, without troubles. 236 Atk Flygon Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Lucario: 360-426 (128.1 - 151.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO Well, we see that flygon, even Jolly and not full invested in Atk, can OHKO Lucario. 252+ Atk Choice Band Lucario Extreme Speed vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Flygon: 154-182 (51.1 - 60.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO And E-Speed from lucario, even adamant and choice band, can't kill Flygon in one shot. 252+ Atk Choice Band Lucario Extreme Speed vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Flygon on a critical hit: 232-273 (77 - 90.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO Even if critical.
  11. Lucario Still UUBL(Under Used Ban List) and are in Under Used ONLY by suspect test, and probablly return to Over Used before season 6 ends. Anything that have almost the same use than lucario, literally is in a tier by Luck, since lucario is UUBL and are in Over Used by Luck, even with our ridiculous usage. My point is Relegate Weavile to Under used and only because he are promoted up by luck, block promotion(Even weavile get a high usage in Over Used, for one season he can't be Promoted, and wait the end of next season to go up) of him. The prrof of weavile goes up from tier by luck is Metagross. Metagross have almost the same usage than lucario, with little % for less and only this season he are promoted to Over Used. Other Topic is: Linnone are Relegated from Under Used Directly to Untiered, and when it go up to Never Used(Only for Effect Dex)? i understand that the mechanics of Sword and Shield nerfed In a Pinch Berries, but in my opinion, i think is good leave linnone at least one season in Never used, instead of relegate him to Untiered Directly.
  12. - Return to old mechanics of Pickup, but with modifications, and a little buff(Comparated to Pickup before he are nerfed): - Pickup can Pick up a consumed/knocked off item in-battle, but user of ability must defeat opponent to this effect work, and only has 7,5% chance to work. - Pickup only work if holder isn't holding anything at end battle. In compensation, all item that are consumed/knocked off have a independent chance to be collected, even if any of other item has been collected at end of the same battle(If are more than one item,the excedent goes to bag). - All this effect only work in PvE, and in PvP pickup does no effect(Or make it collect a item that are reveletad in PvP via Frisk or Hax auto-reveal) - Makes a Fair-Play points mechanic for Matchmaking - Buff a little Battle Points given from Legendaries.
  13. The suggestion is to include in the game, a mechanics of the recently released Nintendo Switch and Mobile game: Pokemon Unite. The mechanic in question is the Fair Play points. How could the mechanics of points affect competitive play? Understand how it works first: You start with 100 points, and that's the most you can get. Lose fair play points under the following circumstances: -5 Points for Disconnect in the match before the 5th Round -3 Points for Forfeit before turn 6(Also it would be possible to forfeit before turn 6, but it would not give elo to the winner and the loser would lose 5 elo as a punishment if he did.) What do these points define exactly? - If you have 91-100 points then you could play normally and there would be no problems. - If you have 81-90 points, you don't get rewards for matches. - If you have 61-80 points, you will be banned from Matchmaking Ranked Mode. - If you have 0-60 Points, you will be banned from Matchmaking Ranked and Casual mode. You would receive 5 Fair Play points every day you log in if you don't have 100 Fair Play points. This would also end the Unfair Matchmaking Bans that occur due to the user disconnecting from the match, as part of these disconnects is unintentional(Internet doesn't work or your city had a Energy Blackout). However, if the guy is trolling too much, disconnecting from matches in Matchmaking frequently, his ban comes heavier, and can be at least 1 day (How long the guy needs to get 80 Fair Play points again.)
  14. After lucario has been banned from Under Used, he doesn't returned to UU even with our usage lower than 4,36%, for more than 6 months. the same to Roserade. Lower usages in Under Used and still banned from Never Used.
  15. When i say "almost same use than lucario", i want to say: weavile has the same usage than a pokemon that only because is Under Used Ban List, don't are relegated to Under Used.
  16. Really, i don't understand the eople that discuss about pvp. Now it says that 4.36% usage, is viable, is Over Used, but a few weeks ago they were literally claiming that pokemon with less than 6% usage in a tier, is useless in it, and using that as an argument to defend the ban of King's Rock. I think they promoted weavile to OU, for those who use wall in UU not to complain that they're losing to many flinchs of Weavile Beat Up(Once time that call the strategy "OP" and any novice want to test him in pvp), in a way that doesn't displease those who use one, avoiding future complaints.
  17. According to "Veterans" of competitive chat in Pokemmo discord, to a mon being usable in one tier, he needs at least 6% usage in the same. You sayed 4,36%, that are lower than 6%. And in season 4 Under Used, the weavile had 7% use, 1% of being in the percentage not recommended for use in competitive, so it could very well lower it tier In short: In season 4, weavile was supposed to be relegated to Never Used, but thanks to a completely pointless decision by the Tier Council, weavile avoid being relegated to Never Used and are been Promoted to Over Used, after all in that season on Over Used, I repeat, Weavile had almost the same usage as lucario, that as it was Under Used Ban List (UUBL), it hadn't been downgraded from tier yet
  18. And for lucario falling to Under Used i quote: Why don't fall him to Under Used 3 seasons ago?
  19. For those who didn't understand Weavile's confusion: In season 4, Weavile wasn't going through Suspect Test. What did it mean? That the Weavile could only go up or down by Usage. However, on Over Used, the Weavile had 4% use, the same use as Lucario, which just hadn't fallen tier because at the time it was UUBL(Under Used Ban List) And on Under Used, Weavile had disastrous usage, in 2021-06, 7% usage, which meant that the chance of weavile dropping to Never Used was high. However, thanks to what we call in Brazil the Turning Table, Weavile not only escaped from falling to Never Used but also rose to Over Used without further explanation. And apparently even with the ridiculous usage of it in Over Used(4% for TWO MONTHS), they don't want to lower it tier. Simple. Translated to PT-BR: Para aqueles que não entenderam a treta da weavile: Na season 4, Weavile não estava passando por Suspect Test,então só poderia ser promovida ou rebaixada de tier por usagem. Porem, em OU, weavile teve mais ou menos 4% de usagem, quase a mesma do Lucario, que só não tinha caido pra Under Used ainda porque na epoca era Under Used Ban List(UUBL), o que fazia lucario nunca ser rebaixado pra Under Used mesmo com 0,05% de usagem em Over Used. E em Under Used, tambem não tava boa. Weavile tava com 7% de usagem, e os noobs... Digo, "veteranos" do chat competitivo do pokemmo, dizem que pra um pokemon ser usavel em uma tier, tem que ter 6% de usagem nela(Inclusive usaram isso como argumento pra defender o ban da King's Rock, uma vez que o counter dos leads de King's Rock tinha 4% de usagem). Então mais uma season de queda de usagem e weavile teria sido REBAIXADA pra Never Used, porem graças a uma virada de mesa, tiraram weavile de ser rebaixada e promoveram a mesma pra Over Used ainda. O pior: mesmo com a usagem media de weavile abaixo de 6%(4% por 2 meses consecutivos), não querem volta-la pra Under Used e pronto. "Ah,mas Tiering não é decidido por ser viavel ou não". é sim. Quando alegam que o pokemon não é boa escolha pra tier por baixa usagem, dizem diretamente que o pokemon não é bom pra tier e tá na tier por sorte, como foi o caso de lucario. Usagem baixa atras de usagem baixa, mas por ser Under Used Ban List, não era rebaixado nunca. Então quando digo "Quase a mesma usagem que lucario", quero dizer que o pokemon tem a usagem tão baixa quanto a de um pokemon que só pertence a OU por ser banida da UU, e que se não fosse por esse detalhe, já teria caido de tier. (Literalmente tá numa tier por sorte.) "Ah, mas se tiver mais que 4,36% de usagem, é viavel e pertence a tier". Ai contradiz com o argumento usado para sugerir o ban da King's Rock, que disseram como argumento: Se o pokemon(No caso, o counter possivel a king's rock) tem 4% de usagem, não serve e ta na OU por sorte, tem que ter 6% usagem pra ser viavel e tar numa tier.
  20. And about weavile that only go to Over Used by Luck in season 4(don't passed by any suspect test, don't have much usage in OU and have 7% in UU in season 4), when he are close to fall to Never Used by usage, and in Season 5 have less than 6% usage Average in OU(Only counting 2021-07, 2021-08 and 2021-09). He don't fall to UU?
  21. a hint for players that want to find Especifics pokemons using Pheno. Only create a Secondary Account/Character, and Beat Unova. Check dex to see which route spawns mon that you're looking, in phenos.. And kept close(After pick up the pheno mon, kept 3-5 steps away to spot, because if you kept AFK , you can step in a pheno and enters battle, but because you are disconnected by inactivity, you are sended back to Pokemon Center, losing the pheno mon) from the spot, waiting he spawns. Why reason a Secondary Account/Character? to you kept working in other Character/Account and , if you have 2 Cellphones, 1 Cellphone and 1 Computer, or 2 Computers, can leave second Account(Secondary character not) always logged in to look phenos, while you are making other things.
  22. Victory Road in Hoenn can be a Option(10 EV in a Row,and 100%), with hariyama hords. Desert underpass can give more XP, but at least victory road hariyama hordes don't use Roar/Whrilwind to take you out of battle. Resuming: If you find shiny hariyama, you can catch. If you find Shiny Loudred, you are f*** up, roar can make you lost a shiny if you don't have a soundproof mon in party. Lesson: Go to Victory Road Train HP EV. NEVER train EV in Desert Underpass, and if you go to him, bring a mon with soundproof.
  23. Heat Wave e Razor Leaf não é bom pra farmar EV com horda. Razor leaf infelizmente não tem substituto, então tem que usar ele mesmo. Heat Wave tem um substituto, Lava Plume. Qual é o problema? 95% Acc. O problema é que o RNG do jogo não ajuda muito, então moves 100% accuracy são preferiveis pra horda, pois você pode meter item pra aumentar o dano caso tenha medo de não dar One Hit KO(OHKO), diferente de Moves com 95% Accuracy, cujo tem que por Wide Lens se preferir não contar com a sorte de não errar um move(O que eventualmente ocorre e consome tempo, principalmente se seu poke tomar paralyze/sleep, enfraquecendo seu poke e atrasando o treino). Quem eu costumo usar: Togekiss(Farm de Gym) EVs: 252 Sp. Atk/252 Speed IVs: 31 Sp. Atk/31 Speed. Nature Timid - Hyper Voice ou Krokodile(tambem usado em Farm de Gym) Evs: 252 Atk/252 Speed IVs: 31 Atk/31 Speed Nature Adamant - Earthquake - Rock Slide(Nem uso pra farmar horda) - Close Combat - Crunch ou Jolteon(Não uso poke só pra fazer up de horda, todos reaproveito do time de Farm de Gym, plmds) EVs: 252 Sp. Atk/252 Speed IVs: 31 Sp. Atk/31 Speed. Nature Modest - Discharge - Hidden Power Grass - Sunny Day - Hyper Voice(Hyper Voice > Shadow Ball) Para chamar as hordas, prefiro logo o poke que uso pra fazer captura de pokemons(E finalmente um que não uso em Farm Gym) Smeargle EVs: 252 Atk/252 Speed IVs: 31 Atk/31 Speed Nature Adamant - False Swipe - Soak - Spore - Sweet Scent
  24. Add one info: Using Meowth with Covet + Pay Day + Pickup when you wait the Elite Four Cooldown can Increase your money earned. You earn some money with pay day and farm Potions and Super Potions, cutting up the costs with this farming. Resuming: If you want to farm Elite Four, Make a Meowth with pay day + pickup first. You cut unecessary spends with potions and superpotions
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