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  1. Top Teams most copied on Metagaming: 1st - Solir's Anti-fun, Full Stall Team. 2nd - Kdgogogo's Haxer Team Literally is a lot of randoms, with exact teams of Top Ranks. Same mons, Same sets, if they can, even the same IVs(Including non 31, 30 or 20+ IVs). Only write the movesets of mons and watch 3-4 matches of him to learn how to play with that team. A little comment about teams: Solir's Team, if you don't have Taunt on EVERY MON, or 6 stall breaks, or a Pure-hax team, you can just forfeit because he will stall you. KDgogogo's Team, if you don't know the team, prepare your heart, and good luck trying to survive.
  2. However, you don't know which moves metronome will call. You can explode yourself, use Iron Defense, Special Atks, Only Status moves... So... Really don't compensate train other EV, except Speed and HP. Other Question: Togetic(Evolution of Togepi) is allowed?
  3. A little update: With recent Updates, now 1 Mysterious gem can craft 10 gems according to the second item used in crafting. However, cost to change Hidden Power's Type now is 40 Gems.
  4. I can win both in 10 minutes, and always rest 15 minutes of amulet(I bring to my Gym Farm one mon with Exp. Share, because have one Free Slot on Party.). So, use a amulet for him isn't a big deal, is better use the last minutes of Gym Amulet Farm.
  5. Actually, the most valuable farm of breeders mons, is Fairy Egg Group. Can be sell for almost the same price from ditto, if don't have x31 IV, however is more easily to find and catch. I spend around ~60 Pokéballs on a Marill box, however my smeargle had Pay Day, so all cost with pokeball is compensated with other mons that i only use Pay Day and defeat him, like Surskit/Masquerain and Female Marills/Azumarills. I can sell it for 180/k in GTL(However on him, i will lost 60/k for one fee), or in Trade Chat for 120-180. In ditto, you spend 1-2 Repeat Ball for each ditto. However, they have more value when have x31 IV The search place that i decided for found Fairy Egg Group Breeders, is Route 102, Left of Oldale, hoenn, where Marill/Azumarill spawn is common and he are in level 20-30, so it's more easily to catch. Final Formula: Ditto Catching: 180/k on Box, - (1,500(Medium cost of Repeat Balls per ditto) x 60 Ditto) You can earn 90/k(Selling on Trade) or 30/k(Selling On GTL) for each 60 dittos. Fairy Egg Group Catching: 180/k(3/k on GTL x 60 mons) - (200(Cost of Pokéballs per marill) x 60) You can earn 108/k on Trade(Because players buy for 120/k, idk the reason, since each one value 3/k in GTL) or in GTL(Losting 60/k for fee and 12/k in pokéballs.)
  6. And who will use a amulet coin in Cynthia and Morimoto? Normally we will spend the last 15-30 minutes of amulets from Gym Farm for win both.
  7. Relax, when staff starts to make more simple changes, is to concentrate in one Bigger Update. Example: 2019 Christmas didn't have a event January 2020: Sinnoh oficially released in-game Some little changelogs, one year ago: Normal. Some time later: Randoms Implement. Because staff work on Bigger Updates, they need to fix some bugs and only add Quick-fire mechanics, like Pokéball changes, to gain some time to devs working on one bigger Updates. The 2021 Christmas and 2021 Halloween, didn1't have too much changes, comparing to 2020 Edition of same Events. He changed things, but the basic of event it's the same. So, we can assume that, if 2022 Lunar New Year follow the same example, then it's almost certain that some big update are coming. Is evident that staff are priorizing Quick-fire changes. Example: The suggestion for MM, i didn't receive a official answer until today. However , i alert to one bug in Future Sight in Discord(When i didn't have a forum account iirc), and they fixed in subsequent changelog.
  8. However will allow us to discover more easily people that are using some external programs to Shinyhunt, and don't tell our location to hide himself. Can not only be useful to help us to find our friends, but for us help staff to punish players that are violating game rules
  9. Hydreigon loses Draco Meteor? The reason is simple: In Gen 8, Nasty Plot has been added to Hydreigon's Movepool. In order, all moves that are added to movepool of existing pokemons of gen 5, and exists in MMO, being added. To prevent that combo Nasty Plot + Draco Meteor, combined with High Sp. Atk of Hydreigon, complety broken the Metagaming(that is already rotten), is decided to remove the move. If nothing has been maded,probablly he will be banned to Ubers.
  10. Well , if someone gave you anything, better take prints. If you've becomed banned for stealing, can appeal. But the reccomended is don't aceept things like this.
  11. Adding some information to Guide: Friends Secrets Base
  12. Acupressure is FULL MEME. Players start talking aboout him only because KDgogogo started to use and other players full copypasted their team. And Gliscor + Chansey? Asking for MM sent this Hax-based strategy This is the team of KDgogogo Full copied. He reach in Tournaments Semifinals and Finals with this. Really that "Expert Players" didn't expect that their team start to being Copypasted??
  13. I had already made a suggestion in my Post: Improve Matchmaking System, where I suggested that 3x31 or 4x31 rewards be added to a seasonal rewards path, because we know the staff will not add 6x31, no matter how much we ask. The reason is simple: The barrier to enter in competitive is too high, not for other reason only the same players win tournaments, is because newest players cannot prepare itself from him, and with this cannot stand a chance. With the same players winning tournaments, staff don't are motivated to increase rewards, because will reach in a point that Expert Players will have 4 teams for each tier, full shiny 6x31 rewards. Things need to be maked to resolve this, like missions to give things like Braces, vitamins pills, Everstones... Things that PvP players need constantly, and a little upgrade in PvP rewards.. With this, the barrier to enter in competitive will be small and staff can be incetivated to Upgrade rewards to PvP
  14. I forgot to mention, in OU he becomes the Punch Bag from Infernape, Conkeldurr, Darmanitan, and Mienshao too About Venusaur, he don't have sucess in OU, not too much than Electrode, that are a mon excelent to setup Screens, so isn't a suprise that teams with cloyster use him.
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