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  1. However, still are a Free Rocky Helmet without you spend your moveslot, allowing you to still use leftovers, life orb, or something else. About the checks, Gyarados are a little irrelevant, because he have usage, iirc, beetween 8-15%. However, conkeldurr is one of most used, iirc 2nd Fighting-Type most used, behind Mienshao, i don't checked usage this month but i'm basing on the other months that i've seen. This can be a massive hit against him, because he will be forced to use the Drain Punch set, to recover part of damage that he will take Vs a Garchomp, Rocky helmet or not, making the set more predictable.
  2. Sand Veil never get banned from PvP. Devs only deactivated their effect on PvP, but any mon that have the ability can still be used. Banning the ability is don't allow you to enter in PvP matches with one pokémon with the illegal ability. And probablly they can do it again.
  3. Just the fact of the Recoil can affect a lot of some natural checks of him, especially the ones that attack with contact moves(Ex: Conkeldurr Ice punch, he can take 16,67%, if chomp don't have rocky helmet too, otherwise is 33,33%. He already take considerable damage, and if use the Close Combat set, he cannot heal, making for the ones that uses this sets worse to deal with chomp if don't have other mons that give superefective damage, or the ones that can do this, is already fainted. So, one of their bets sets today, will be obsollete or a 2nd/3rd option of set, just because of one pokemon that are present on almost 50% of teams).
  4. If devs ban Sand Veil, some mons will be banned because simply he will not have any ability to use. Garchomp is best example. Until he get rough skin, banning sand veil is banning him. So, the ability will not be banned, however devs can still deactivate their effects on PvP.
  5. he can only count the turns, and if he can't do this, is game over. Can only cry.
  6. Simple; Change the weather, or count the turns until weather ends. If you can't do this, game over.
  7. For the ones that don't understand: The devs, on 08 June, released part 1 of 10th anniversary update. They said: Check back next week for Part 2 and the main event. Today is day 19/06, more than one week has passed, and they don't released the part 2 of update. 5th deadline missed, the devs want to ask a music on the program "Fantástico" of Globo?(Only brazilian players will understand. If you're from Brazil, please explain)
  8. My favorite mon on PokéMMO? that's a hard question, It's a tie on my Two sidekicks, Eevee and Pikachu(Curiosity, Both IV 6x15 EV 6x85 , neutral nature, lvl 100, and both have at least one particle, however Eevee has more ribbons than pikachu.)
  9. 1 - Garchomp already are extremelly powerful on OU metagaming, but he don't get banished again because of your weaker point: Lack of a decent ability. If added Rough Skin, then he will get a decent ability and will end with your only weaker point 2 - Ditto will be the same case that he pass on showdown. Are on lowest tier possible, but are decent for all tiers above(Including AG & Ubers)
  10. he win skylux on some official/unnoficial tour match?
  11. yes. make some intervals during hunt, so the system of pokémmo will understand that you aren't a bot.
  12. Well, only LA and BDSP changes is enough to broke metagaming on Low tiers. Machamp - Banned to BL2 Several mons earned new moves. before, between Eeveelutions, only espeon can use calm mind, and now, all eeveelutions can use. This isn't the best example, but you probablly will have a idea from the new updates(Now Vaporeon Acid Armor & Calm Mind, even if you need to give up from 2 slots, now you can buff your both defenses to Maximum.)
  13. In the matchs that i see on showdown, they only reveal the 6 that you bring. Team Preview during match must be disabled to not shown the 4 picked up.
  14. will coment about some things: 1st - Garchomp: Their Hidden ability probablly will not be added. The only thing that don't make Garchomp Ubers is the fact of don't have a decent ability. He have the higher usage on OU, a little far from 2nd most used. Is extremelly powerful, and earning Rough Skin will only make for Physical Attackers more harder to kill him. 2nd - Ditto probablly will keep on Untiered. No reason to Grow it up, he is perfectly health for any metagaming that he are. 3rd - Darmanitan Zen Mode is a joke. Their wallbreak set will keep the best set. 4th - Espeon with Magic Bounce will certain be used at least on Over Used. One of best abilitys , especially for stall teams(Reflecting Taunt and other Status moves, e. g. Entry hazards) and for Hyper Offense - (Acting as a Lead, preventing opponent from set up hazards while you set up Reflect & Light Screen, Espeon can carry both.), and Xatu also gets on the same ship. A little worse, comparing to Espeon, but can be useful on NU or UU 5th - Ninetales OU, will give more options to Sun teams. Politoed gets drizzle, so Sand and Hail no longer will be the only two weathers with double inducers(Hail can be summoned by Vaniluxe and Abomasnow, Sandstorm can be set by Tytar and hippo) 6th - Riolu prankster will not be too powerful here. Some of their important moves, like Coaching, he will not get acess. 7th - Thankfully they nerfed the KR Multi-Hit infinityflinch mechanic. Because if Ambipon and Cinccino gets Skill Link before change... 3 KR abusers on OU, they probablly banish those mons unti resolve the problem.
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