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  1. Io sono RedPlato! Non so come contattarvi! I am RedPlato! I don't know how to contact you!
  2. I was wondering if the problem with the move Trick Room was fixed with the latest update ... let me know!
  3. You have to go in the Battle subway in Unova or in the Battle frontier in seventh Island, Kanto! For having this special move you must have 9000/10000 battle points, if I remember well...
  4. hi! You can have the same move by the tutors inside the pokecenter in each region! The two old women are a very old thing!
  5. Thanks for the answers, guys! So it can be said that pokemon with 31x6 Ivs is generally stronger than one with 31x2 Ivs, and that the subtle difference between stats creates the competitive advantage that I noticed during some battles ... and I thought it was enough to have the 31 Iv's aligned with speed and nature based stats! Thanks a lot! I did not know him! I tried to compare various Conkeldurrs, in the end an unlikely timid conkeldurr with choice scarf is the only one who exceeds the speed of a modest charizard without choice scarf with the maximum speed
  6. Hello trainers! I bet that such a topic has already been covered, but since I could not find it in the search bar, I propose it again waiting for answers or old links. Now, each pokemon on my team has 2x31 IV's and 252 Ev's on the right stats that match with their natures. For example: my charizard is modest, has 31 IV's and 252 Evs on special attack and speed. He usually manages to outspeed and 0HKO to conkeldurr, but sometimes I found myself losing to conkeldurr who were not only fast and strong, but also very bulky ... so I was wondering: how important are IV's in competitive? Is it
  7. thank you guys! Apologize for my ignorance about the old topic... anyway, I guess that my suggestions are not tauros**t!
  8. Yo folks! During my journey on pokemmo I admired some innovations like the trips through regions, the regional tutors, the bp and the pvp system, and thanks to this game I learned something about the competitive building and battling, soooooo nice! After 3 months of this game I've got some suggestions for u (plis don't punch me if I tell tauros**t): 1. for the hunting: having in the map (or in the pokedex) a list of all the wild pokemons in the zone around you. Like: are u in route xxx and u want to know what kind of pokemons are living in the tall grass or water o rocks? You'll op
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