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  1. 很高兴还有人记得我,这是我没想到的,不过先说明一下我没有出现任何意外,同时也谢谢大家担心! 不来论坛主要因为以下原因: 1.以前无脑水论坛是真的幼稚感到抱歉(主要原因) 2.不方便透露具体,你们努力往不好的方向去猜也可以,迫于压力退出论坛(次要)知道了一些不该知道的事情 ↓ · · · — — · — — ↑ 不过有时候也会上论坛看看,!祝论坛发展越来越好!大家有缘再见! 白白!
  2. Hello Direct transfer of assets to your account will not be sealed, Have a nice day
  3. Hello! It may be a violation of chat rules I wish you a happy life!
  4. 您好!怪物组玩物攻的比较多,推荐固执和爽朗(也有玩特攻的,比如呆呆兽可以用内敛或者大胆) 祝您游戏愉快!
  5. Maybe you can try to understand Chinese, and someone will tell you the location of the bee colony on the channel I wish you a happy life!
  6. Opelucid CityThe supermarket on the left is a good choice. It has most of the items you need I wish you a happy life!
  7. Hello! The eyeball cap is a 2020 halloween limit and is no longer available for purchase with RP, but you can buy it in a trading line
  8. I wish the event a successful conclusion!
  9. Title: The Way home for Halloween Game name: GORsssd Note: I know this work may not be very good, but I still want to enter the competition and try it out
  10. The countdown to the event is one hour! See you later!
  11. Gift elves are not allowed to reproduce
  12. 只能说,大佬辛苦,给大佬递茶
  13. Hello! I thought about it. It may be that different living habits in different countries lead to different ways of thinking. It is curious to ask questions in China. Why does he mean this sentence
  14. I already have my own club Thanks
  15. 昨天刚看见一个3d闪光放大冲突明雷闪波克基斯的不会是你吧
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