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    dont be shy and just ask me

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  1. @Revz please make it happen
  2. rip i wanted to order something
  3. check my first page here. there are all infos!
  4. I never disappoint u bro, ty bro
  5. IM FULLY BACK with BREEDING :) Just spam me with breeds :)
  6. Sorry if u need me,tell me your ign ill mail u or u just mail me or add me in discord ( first page )
  7. Hey Spxter can you add me in Discord? I'm trying to add you in-game but not able to. My discord username is Fish#7437. I have 2 breeding jobs for you. Thanks!


    1. Spxter


      Yes will add u!


  8. Np bro crazy how many breeds you want, you got to much moni bro
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