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    1000 Wins soon <3 

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      @Etozuri my son if u would come back I would

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      I played for 30 mins yesterday    hqdefault.jpg

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      @Etozuri son u cant do this to me, you need to come back , ill make you tons of comps 

  2. e4 hoenn and kanto are very ez( unova is hard for me but not impossible' i just skip this one) - i only spend 10k for e4's and in worst case 20k if I fail and need revivers, u just need to play it more and then u get used to it btw no perfect iv's needed for e4, all my poke 25+ cheap cheap
  3. Hello! Anyway we can have Team/Guild - Missions in a Team? - Like Weekly Rewards. For example we need to farm xp (as a Team!) and we can get rewards for it: Exp needed / Rewards (Time: 1 Week to finish all the xp ) - 100k EXP => (5 Rare Candys for example) -200k EXP => (10 Rare Candies) -3m Exp (1m in money for each player who helped?) -10m Exp (Max exp a week maybe ) - Bigger rewards like a mix of some rare candies, some money, some amulet coin and maybe lucky egg etc..) Note: I think this EXP is to less, you could just give prize at very higher XP - (This list of exp is just a example, ofc could make the exp list bigger with rewards) ~> Im sure if you would add this concept, people would more love it to play and to be in a Team and yeah if you're alone i doubt u can farm this huge XP's, but as a Team we can! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So everyone whos getting XP is helping the team and can get a reward at sunday before monday. I feel like being in a Team is not that useful - you can just chat, thats it and you cant do much else, so I think if we could add Team Missions with Weekly Rewards - then a Team would be more a Team, and people dont feel so useless in a Team! :) I hope you understand me, my english aint perfect :)
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