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  1. Ayy haha thanks mate! Appreciate ur nice words :3
  2. Spxter

    Value Advice

    I dont have any screenshot, but what is a Shiny Vulpix worth in value? (1x31 and rest not good)
  3. This Guy breed better than a Calvo ***
  4. IGN: Spxter Tiers: NU/OU/Dubs Timezone: GMT 1+ Fluff: im a cute asia boy and i beat a 16k player in PSL 6 while i was 2k worth ay
  5. what i wanna say: he is worth it in OU, not saying he is UBER - he is a better arcanine (cuz @GaloisField said he probally wouldnt even be OU lol)
  6. Yes all right what he said, if you have more question or need breed's you can easily mail me and give info here or in mail via game :) @Loullaby
  7. Entei would be insane for OU (in this game) - what u talkin LOL
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