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  1. IGN: RohMartinez Preferred Tiers: Gen 8 LC, LC NU Competitive Accolades: Discord Contact: RohMartinez#6584 Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: PedroLindoUnico, KupoKun, Isi pls buy me.
  2. IGN: RohMartinez Country: Argentina Tiers: UU Discord: RohMartinez#6584 Personal Note: yEs
  3. PokePaste: https://pokepast.es/a9566c7cff65ff83 Well, this is a Semi-Stall Team that revolves around Weaville. At first in this team was going to try a Gligar, but due to several problems with many pokemon that Weaville could just stop, i decided to change to the total structure of the team with some exceptions. I will proceed to explain the functions of each pokemon and why they are there:
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