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  1. Challenge accepted   Heyimacrab vs any of [VVVV] gauntlet match
  2. Best frienddddddddddddddddddddd.

    1. heyimacrab


      we didnt be friends yet

  3. No its not cool, please leave as soon as possible we dont really like pumpkins around here specifically x pumpkins
  4. I found another great speed spot, maybe you should check it:   its that small area to the left of fushia right before the gate building with the 3 birdman trainers, great for speed training.   You mostly find fearow (+4 speed), the rest is raticate(+4),ratata(+2),spearow (+2) . These amounts are w/ macho brace, assuming everybody uses it.   The only non speed is doduo, which is like 15- 20% encounter rate but if you consider the double amounts you get from raticate and fearow its totally still worth it,
  5. speed training on route 1 hasnt worked out for me lately   its like 70% caterpie now for some reason
  6. Gym leader green isnt really a gym leader, he just likes to think he is. Actually he likes to think alot of things. He thinks people on here actually like him, lol what a loser.
  7.   hey invite me to your crew, im a cool guy so much excitement
  8. Inb4 xand steals the spot light
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