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  1. forming a betting council 5% fee of the betting amount to run
  2. IGN: Linken Timezone: GMT+1 (Berlin) Tiers: Showdoen SMOU, OU (need comps), Doubles (need comps) Something else to farm likes: 1 like = 1 spike
  3. IGN: Linken Motivation: It's been quite a while since i last managed, so i wanted to give it another go. now that we are allowed to play too it seems to be the perfect time. Competitive Accolades: Best DPP player in S9 Champion in S10 Won a TT once Won a Pikachu themed tourney at one point... Other stuff: Master necromancer here teaching everybody in my team to dance in the rain
  4. Not as weak as your ability to spot a joke saving grace ^^
  5. your face lost every single week or something lika that in psl7...
  6. Cpt. Obvious here guys also if following the past trend this season should be a good one for me i seem to do well in odd numbered ones
  7. How much did the world cup have in the end? We need more than that before we start this thing ^^
  8. i'm not dead, at best/worst i'm undead also why can't managers choose showdown tiers?
  9. so... are we going to wait atleast till sinnoh before the season begins?
  10. the moment the pokemon company and nintendo want to release a pokemon mmo themselves ^^
  11. since ultimate has been out for a month now i'll be reviving this what do you think of the game so far?
  12. Linken

    [TV] Dragonball

    1 minute till abriged 60 part 3
  13. still waiting for the art work i paid for in 2013/14 but other than that good gril.
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