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  1. read the answer ... Showdown on Sunday at 7pm BST
  2. pm'ed my opponent
  3. i've got some friends to choose from see you friday then
  4. probably a genwunner
  5. gotta keep the hall of fame thread rdy ^^
  6. also @Bilburt if your opponent shows up that late you could have just logged off claiming not having the time (which according to you didn't have) that would have forced a sub if not an activity decision in your favor... probably not the best example for sportsmanship but you did your part so don't uguu about the aftermath of your decision to stay.
  7. i would argue since riga played as worse as daryl if not more somehow...
  8. on a bit more unrelated note
  9. and i thought mach punch on scarfed nape was bad...
  10. it's not just a testfire, it's a splatfest before the game even launches ^^ Team Ice Cream for the win!!!
  11. huh... weird i did copy the textbox link... well... fixed it
  12. i won gg cpt
  13. cpt vs me in 10
  14. cpt vs me friday 7:30pm GMT
  15. gg sweet