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  1. Linken

    Super Smash Bros. Discussion Thread

    since ultimate has been out for a month now i'll be reviving this what do you think of the game so far?
  2. Linken

    [TV] Dragonball

    1 minute till abriged 60 part 3
  3. Linken

    new generation

  4. Linken

    A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    still waiting for the art work i paid for in 2013/14 but other than that good gril.
  5. Yoo when are you free this week? I'm free any night after 6:30 pm EST, and also all day saturday. Would prefer Wednesday/thursday if you can

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Linken


      i should be free all day so let's go with your suggestion i guess?

    3. Gunthug


      Ok cool, how about 2:00 pm EsT on Saturday then

    4. Linken


      works for me

  6. Linken

    moving to a new ball

    but what if shiny?
  7. Linken

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    except game freak and the pokemon company...
  8. Linken

    just have a UBER tier

    I know you are but imo there should be a clear cut line between those. They are two seperate entities and one shouldn't suffer from decisions made for the other. yeah... if we're really that "linked and can work together" let us atleast vote. Because it feels like this is going through without any chance for the opposition at the moment. Especially because instead of us ("the community at large") providing usage for the tiering process the TC itself just went ahead and made a tier list without any actual data.
  9. Linken


    you can do that? i failed trying
  10. Linken


    how about some feedback? personally i think the battle could use faster animations. maybe i'm just spoiled because of showdown but it feels a tad to slow. especially the start ups off the attacks. apart from that everything seems pretty fine and polished (as polished as pokemmo can be XP) good job guys
  11. Linken

    PokeMMO Nostalgia

    https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/28913-pokemmo-stories-how-you-became-known my entry is on page 17... i would change few things and leave much out these days but i'm to lazy maybe i'll write sth later about the last 3 years
  12. Linken

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    time to play ubers... i can see why they did it though
  13. Linken

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    so close... XD http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-622943122 EDIT: And won after to many attempts ^^ http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-622963113
  14. Linken

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    well, i did have fun... http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-622095645

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