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  1. Hi there. I am in the middle of a complete GUI rework and I have taken the liberty to update your theme. As of 9/21/21, every single custom theme has been broken, until content creators incorporate these new changes. Sorry for the reupload, but figured people would like it ASAP. I'll keep the link live until you update your main build. FIXED DARK THEME 2021 - GTL LIST PRICE FIX: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zu5tA3GPSW-HyaaiHDHKcmpPQvs0s3ge/view?usp=sharing This theme is playable and ready to go, just load into \themes\. If you have a project you want fixed, feel free to contact me.
  2. Unfortunately due to hardcoded limitations, specifically how the data & assets are pulled from the ʳᵒᵐˢ, there's some changes that just aren't possible. There is a lot you could "theoretically achieve", however these edits are either: flat out ignored and won't work OR the game fails to launch entirely. There is very limited documentation on the game due to the nature of it's on-going development.. If you have anything relevant to the game itself, it would be appreciated.. I personally have not found much at all. Not to talk highly of ourselves, but I think as AnonymousPoke stated above: I don't think there is a single (publicly available) theme that modifies as many elements as this version has. It's a huge possibility that this update will be used as a "learning tool" for others to base their themes off of, and I am curious to see what other forks of this project come out. As for any inquiries about changes, I am sure that people will be taking a look at the files, and can figure these aforementioned features & limitations for themselves. It's honestly a plethora of information. The GUI as a whole has been reworked, I think every file/ image has seen changes. Using entirely new graphical resources & bit of creativity along with dozens of tweaks, we're essentially "tricking" the game into achieving the desired outcome of the original concept for this project.
  3. Yes I agree. I would enjoy collaborating on this with you guys. Feel free to add me.
  4. Very neat!!! While we are at it, is it possible to fix the battle buttons themselves? They are 1 pixel shorter on the right side compared to move button icons. (Kind of leaving this bit here to remind myself.) I'm going to continuously work on "tidying" up my edits, the goal being to make it look as close to OP's original vision as possible, maybe a few changes here and there depending on limitations- but keeping true to the minimalistic design. Alternate Trainer Card WIP:
  5. I will attempt to implement the battle icons, however- I was looking at the UI textures earlier briefly and I'm not certain if I am looking in the correct directory. Do you know where the elements for the main buttons are located? They do not appear to be inside the battle-hud.png?
  6. As for our "battle button edit" - The only bug I've come across so far was this, and it's mostly fixed. Before: After: Alternate: Alternate 2:
  7. This sounds like a great idea. As I mentioned above, I am having a bit of trouble making sure everything is aligned properly due to how many times certain resources are re-used throughout the game. I will continue tweaking and report back shortly.
  8. Having a bit of trouble modifying certain text due to shared elements- thanks for feedback!
  9. First of all, I want to thank starnacle, Laci, JaredNattyDaddyTKL, Gilan, AnonymousPoke, and anyone else who contributed to this wonderful theme. What you've managed to create here has inspired me to get back into creating mods. Whipped this up last night. First run at button edit- kind of complicated process, but I will write out instructions if people enjoy it. Working in game so far- looking for bugs. Thoughts?
  10. The best you're going to get is one of the newer GEN 5 / GEN 8 Themes on the forums . The touch battle interface on mobile where it's similar to the DS interface, is coded completely different than the desktop version afaik. Take a peek at the UI resource files in the APK. As for possibly "porting" it from the Android version to PC, I doubt anything like that will be remotely possible anytime soon, as some customization features / mod support aren't even available on Android itself. It wouldn't be as simple as just modifying the pngs to fit the desktop interface. Find me a way I can tell the game client to look for the move type and graphics source files like mobile does and I'll make the mod, but I don't think it's possible, the support may not be there.
  11. Pretty sure it does. The new sprites are literally in place of the old ones. They're just pngs and gifs. OP could of at least uploaded a screenshot though.
  12. Could you upload to a different website. Thank you. 您可以上传到其他网站吗?谢谢。
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