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  1. There is no Android theme support and it currently is not planned to be implemented.
  2. Use outdated builds at your own risk, this interface is several updates behind and missing key icons and modules. We'll update this soon™.
  3. Contact me directly? I'd be more than happy to provide you with a link... This is my interface.
  4. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/140685-gui-exemplar-a-pokemmo-visual-overhaul
  5. Neat @Lucydrop. However, I would advise anyone against using this currently until diff checks are made against the latest default interface. Right off the bat, the GTL changes from September are missing: As for the design itself, I would recommend such as dialing back the brightness on the main UI frames. It's a very light teal and clashes with the white font and creates this effect as if the text is vibrating, or moving. Hurts the eyes- it's almost giving me a migraine. The main login background is also extremely poor quality and blown out, you can barely tell what it is. I think you have a solid concept going here though, keep up with it. I would recommend removing your download links until you can confirm it's safe for users to use this GUI.
  6. Your tutorial is missing several key animation states related to buttons as well as incorrectly having users edit the battle background. You can't just "delete it to get cleaner text" or swap it out. It's shared throughout several widgets. In more than half of this post you're telling users xyz doesn't do anything. This is all completely wrong! It's dangerous to distribute stale files. Your Battle.xml is from April man! You're setting anyone up who uses this tutorial for failure. Come on.
  7. For some reason users still are replying to this dead-thread and giving this yet another chance to confuse people. Allow me to make this abundantly clear: This thread is a sham. The "UI redesign concept theme" doesn't exist. It's not real, anything pictured here is purely concept art, or is completely fabricated. That's all it is, concept art. This would be fine normally- that's the point of concept art. To pose as an example. However OP(s) are potentially planning on repurposing this thread using all of your clicks and traffic as a way to popularize whatever garbage product they decide to upload. Here's @starnacle and @Lacei's response to @AnonymousPoke and I several months ago when we began developing their project for them: (AKA- The actual theme you may have downloaded in this thread on page 7 before we removed it because it was deprecated.) Let's break this down: They didn't like our work. Whatever. It was literally a 1:1 materialization which this original concept art inspired. To each their own. However, just because they couldn't figure out how to read TWL code, doesn't mean we don't know how. Using this previous forum post as a platform to release a subpar interface that resembles nothing like the concept art is scummy. That's the definition of false advertisement. Myself nor @AnonymousPoke will allow our content or any of our previous legacy content to be utilized to boost this thread that has been carried on under false pretenses, especially after @starnacle and @Lacei made it clear they didn't want to work with us, for what reason is unbeknownst to me. Frankly, I'm done being nice about it- in layman's terms: You're not getting a free ride off of 500+ hours of our work. The majority of this thread's interest was kept alive by @AnonymousPoke's hard work. I am tired of seeing this thread bumped for absolutely no reason. @Lacei Your red 16 pt joke of a disclaimer that "This is not a mod" obviously is not cutting it. @starnacle Update your thread with further clarification, or remove it. This is where things get ignorant. This is absolutely ridiculous and all it is, is just name dropping users to seem like they know what they're talking about. The majority of limitations or roadblocks that were discussed, have been worked around and entirely new code has been written. Here's a separate inquiry by @Lacei in customization suggestions: This is asinine. They didn't do any work at all, they tried modifying the Summary widget and a handful of buttons. The rest of what is in this thread, is entirely concept art. Half of what was actually shown here is doctored anyways. I have used the version of the "theme they were working on". It's nothing more than a test variant of the default theme with slightly different colors and a giant watermark with @starnacle's handle on the main screen. This is where lack of knowledge comes into play, @starnacle may have been able to create a nice and neat web-based demo, however 90% of their ideas didn't translate into the game at all. People really seem to confuse the hard limitations this game has between the emulator client, the interface and the ROMs- or just flat out don't know anything about the engine. You're only held within the confines of the compiled code and tied to some of the constant data that is pulled from the ROMs. This is when @AnonymousPoke and I were ready and available, possibly the only two individuals capable of writing an entirely new UI in the past decade this game has existed, and we were essentially told we were not good enough for them. @AnonymousPoke and I's skillset becomes evermore valuable by the day as old school TWL documentation continues to age out and is wiped from the internet. The PokeMMO developers would have to overhaul the emulator in a major way in order to add support for scaling certain content that is pulled from the ROMs. It is more than likely not plausible. You can already scale TWL widgets on the fly, we've achieved this- however it's pointless as the data from the ROMs doesn't care if the widget it is inside of is made larger or smaller. Boy, that sure aged like milk, didn't it? So, forums users- would you like to download and use something actually tangible that @AnonymousPoke and I built from the ground up and poured our hearts and souls into: Or, would you like to sit around here waiting for something that is never going to drop in a thread where you're not appreciated?
  8. @Gilan I personally would not bother at all. Jiangmin Antivirus has been throwing false positives for several years. It's frankly ridiculous not to trust 23 other well known, if not famous databases, Avast, Kaspersky, etc. GEC scans clean on the latest Malwarebytes update. Results: https://0bin.net/paste/hbL12ikO#vtums-4IW0T377O6U+WEfmCFa8H7cujL7D+C/uyPE5t JSON dump: https://0bin.net/paste/3csXcbLz#DUGAnf8sY67Mr26y05Ca2P3d0NtvF6FbwFxeZzEtO5U https://www.softperfect.com/contact/knowledgebase.php?article=13 https://groups.google.com/g/virustotal/c/iRq5Ojn4W8k?pli=1 https://www.reddit.com/r/antivirus/comments/gp7v18/virus_total_virus_in_vlc_jiangmin_antivirus_engine/ They've had a notorious history of software needing to be added to their whitelists. Perhaps now that it appears that Opswat has acquired the engine, you might have some luck in regards to actually contacting someone now. https://www.opswat.com/partners/jiangmin K7 Antivirus is an American-based company as well. https://www.k7computing.com/us/
  9. This GUI is outdated and I reported it almost a month ago. I would advise against using this as your main GUI until someone adds the plethora of content that has been introduced to the game since April.
  10. The game doesn't even read Strings from mods, so I'm not really sure why you're distributing them here. My point was you should reiterate your in/unstallation steps because if users extract the content you've packaged into the base game files by mistake they could have stale strings until an update hits or they repair their client, if they wish to uninstall your mod. Unless the game doesn't read those kind of story Strings at all, and that's left over from when you created the mod. Your info description is too long and breaks the mod management pane btw
  11. I took a few minutes out of my day to fix this. Open the .mod with a Zip Archiver of your choice, navigate to \sprites\followsprites\ and overwrite "475-b-s.png" with this image. Let me know if there is anything else incorrect, I checked quickly. Enjoy.
  12. This theme is now slightly outdated due to the base game updating. Until @Staggiie uploads an official update, if you are using this still, I highly recommend preparing to swap back to the default GUI. If anyone feels so inclined, in the spirit of this thread- please continue to work off what I have uploaded to this link.
  13. OP no ha estado en línea desde abril
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