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  1. 标题:FFF团 描述:异端审问会·FFF团 出自日本动漫《笨蛋测验召唤兽》,可惜幽灵装不能染色,只能白色的凑合用了。 时装:幽灵装,闪焰队眼镜,火炬,其他随意,都被幽灵装盖着了。
  2. 标题:一拳超人 描述:这种事怎么能少了琦玉老师呢 时装:系领斗篷加红手套(贼省钱),其他的需要初始就有。
  3. Yeah, I am happy to play with my friends except for someone who mocks you
  4. I am sorry about I didn't read it. That is a good view! In fact, I am very willing to share my thoughts with my friends. And we also share many configuration of pokemon in the PVP section on the Chinese forum. I just don't want those shit people to get my team through the ez way of watching the game. But for me, they will affect my good mood for the day. And we don't have any way to fight back this behavior. Because if you say that he is a copyist, he will not care and even be proud of it. If you choose to scold back, he can report you and you will be banned or even not allowed to play games for a period of time. So we can only avoid this ridicule(locked him). That is too bad.
  5. As we all know, the official added cookies to pumping in 2019. But at the beginning, these cookies were ineffective. Our team found this bug and reported it. Can you give me a link to a post proving that someone discovered and submitted this bug earlier than us? I also want to have fun and relax, but if someone watch and copy your team, then he didn't thank you, but mocked you and said that you spent so much time researching the team, I can get it for free and easily, you are a fool. You know, there are low-quality people all over the world. If you are proud of these words, I have nothing to say. Most of the players who play this game are Pokémon fans, and some people can earn Real Money because of MMO. This is not only limited to Chinese players, players in many other countries have also been blocked because of RMT. Someone watch other's team bulding of pumpking and sell them for real money. whether this behavior is RMT, and how will the staff find him.
  6. But there is a online streamer watch my friend during his live stream. My friend rejected him, but he asked his fans to find my friends and watch. I think my friend cannot give up lots of battle with pumpking because he spend money to buy special candy.
  7. Yes, but I think veterans can also have the right to refuse my watching. I do not recommend turning it off, I just want to set a setting that allows you to choose whether to be watched.
  8. I just want to have the right to refuse to be viewed, I think this should be allowed
  9. It is not limited to Pumpking, I am not talking about Pumpking. It is just about the spectator system, I don't want to have a stranger spectator.
  10. I just think my privacy has been violated while being watched, I want to have a right to protect my privacy. So, I think it is necessary to have a setting that can be watched or not.
  11. You can share a picture with your friend, and your friend may share it with others. In your opinion, everyone will know then. But if someone wants to peep at your chat history to get the picture, he is wrong.
  12. But it is not reason that I cannot have right to refuse others watch me.
  13. I also help my friend to defeat for free and I prefer to do it. That is my right. I can share my idea with my friend, because of our friendship. But I also hope that I have the same right to refuse some strange players,
  14. I think this is not just limited to the Halloween event, it is the theft of the ideas of others. When you are vs other players, you can click Private Battle to hide your team building. Why can't other people want to protect his privacy when vs Pumpkin King.
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