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  1. Alex's Torment by Alex Alex couldn't stop thinking about the BirthdayIt was just so delayed and delayedNever had he known anything so greyThat morning, Alex was shocked by the surveyHe had to calm himself with an aideAlex couldn't stop thinking about the BirthdayLater, Alex was spooked by a displayHe thought the situation had become rather laidNever had he known anything so greyKyu tried to distract him with a playSaid it was time to start thinking about a bladeAlex couldn't stop thinking about the BirthdayAlex took action like a layThe Birthday was like a toxic raidNever had he known anything so greyAlex nosedived like a delayed wayHis mind turned into a crusadeAlex couldn't stop thinking about the BirthdayNever had he known anything so grey
  2. Heya. I'd like to request a few things. I'm not really sure on prices, or if you're down for any of this but we can discuss on discord or through DM if you're available? Signature Text: BigDaddyAlex Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Something like this, or even this image exactly. I want Gengar + Runescape. If you want to make your own, I'm totally fine with that this is just an example. Background: Something with spooky vibes. I like the abandoned mansion and Sinnoh. but anything that would fit the color scheme. Anything else? I will pay extra for animation if it all possible as long as it fits the theme and colors. Doodle Character: CFYOW Nel ( from the bleach anime ) redrawn in your style for my PFP if possible 🙂 Let me know!
  3. After everything we've been though, from my father abandoning me, to team Magma and Aqua trying to rip the world apart, and all the team members we lost along the way. She's always been there with me. Our backs together we can take on anything.
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