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  1. This team is based on fifth generation pokemon Pokepaste: https://pokepast.es/d53ce8a641327fec Explanation Gigalith: Gigalith is one of the slowest pokemon, ideal for occupying trick room. This pokemon offers weather control, by placing the sand weather it activates Excadrill's ability. Its evs distribution is standard. With the "normal gem" item to cause more damage with Explosion. Excadrill: Excadrill's evs distribution is standard, it is designed to cause as much damage as possible with its immense offensive power, taking advantage of the speed increase with sand weather. I think X-Scissor can surprise the opponents that occupy Rain Team, since it can weaken Ludicolo offensively in one attack. Hydreigon: Hydreigon is the pokemon dragon of the generation and I really like its design. I wanted to include it in the team not only for personal taste, with Snarl offers good control for pokemon used in trick room teams like: Reuniclus, chandelure and porygon 2. With evs in speed to overtake kingdra modest, and to survive (with its equipped item) a Draco Meteor of a salamence with gem and weaken it in the same turn with a Dragon Pulse; Flamethrower as a cover move. Amoonguss: The three aforementioned pokemons share a weakness to the fighting type, so I think it is convenient to have the option of redirection with a pokemon. Amoonguss is resistant to fight type and offers a redirection, it also helps the team to redirect to place trick room in a better way. With minimum speed, and a standard evs distribution. Its Clear Smog move offers better control for teams based on redirecting and increasing their offensive power. Volcarona: Volcarona is one of the best pokemon available this generation. The distribution of evs makes it resistant, with enough speed to reach 201 speed at +1 speed, its recovery with leftovers is optimized, and its moveset is standard. Jellicent: Jellicent is the last pokemon to close the water-fire-plant core. This pokemon is in charge of placing trick room for the team. With Scald to hit with stab and Ice Beam as a cover move, being a bulky pokemon the Recover move is a good option to give it more durability.
  2. Team Name: HappyDragons Selected Pokemon: Gyarados Pokepaste: https://pokepast.es/4ebfe804cc4fcfdc IGN: Fermie EXPLANATION 1. Gyarados It is the Pokemon of choice for teambuilding. With Substitute to repel Will-o-wisp and Intimidate, and Dragon Dance to sweep, Waterfall to hit with STAB and Power Whip as a cover move. It has 148 Spe so that at +1 it surpass Gengar 252+ Spe, with 220+ Atk at +1 it gives it 75% chance to OHKO Tyranitar 252 HP with Waterfall. The rest of evs in HP and defenses, optimizing the activation of Sitrus Berry, so it has more durability on the battlefield. 2. Garchomp The mixed variant is a rarely used option, equipped with Life Orb to increase its power. It has 252+ Spe, with 76 SpA it gives 0HKO with Draco Meteor to standard Salamence and even to Hydreigon 196 HP (ideal leftover user), and with Flamethrower to attack Scizor; the remaining evs in Atk to destroy with Earthquake. Being an Dragon/Ground type pokemon, it covers Gyarados' weaknesses. 3. Amoonguss It is the support Pokemon of the team. Equipped with Coba Berry to weaken Flying attacks (Crobat 252 Atk - Acrobatics with Flying Gem). Its speed is the minimum to have response to Trick Room. Its evs distribution is standard, as is its moveset. The synergy with Gyarados is in using Rage Powder to redirect attacks, for example, Electric attacks like Thunderbolt and Volt switch from Rotom-Wash, so that Gyarados uses Dragon Dance. 4. Tyranitar His role in the team is to control the weather. It has 28 Spe so that in Tailwind it surpass Pokemons of 102 Spe or less, e.g: Salamence, Garchomp. With Chople Berry and its evs in Def and Hp, it has 87.5% chance to survive a Close Combat of Mienshao 252 Atk with focus sash, 12 evs in Spd to optimize, and the rest of evs are invested in Atk. By placing the sand weather, it activates Garchomp's ability. 5. Lucario His role in the team is to hit hard and redirect when necessary. With Adamant nature and 252 Spe / 252 Atk and equipped with focus sash. With Close Combat to hit Pokemons like Porygon 2 and Tyranitar, Extreme Speed as a priority move, Ice punch as a cover move and Follow Me to redirect attacks that Amoonguss is not capable of, for example: Thunderbolt from Rotom-Mow. 6. Crobat It is a Pokemon good for doubles, being a great offensive support for this team. This variant of Crobat focuses more on the support side, investing a lot of evs in defensive parameters and HP. With Tailwind to increase the team's speed, Taunt to occasionally avoid a Trick Room among others, Brave Bird to attack the most used fighting Pokemon such as: Mienshao and Hitmontop; and Super Fang to attack resistant pokemon such as: Tyranitar, Metagross and Porygon 2. Its evs distribution allows it to surpass Gengar 252+ Spe, and resist attacks such as: Salamence Dragon Gem 252+ SpA Draco Meteor; Tyranitar Life Orb 252+ Atk Rock Slide; Jolteon Life Orb 252 SpA Volt Switch. F :v When I was going to upload it, the net went away xd
  3. In-Game Name: Fermie Country: Ecuador Preferred Tiers: Only Dubs :c Personal Note: I'm not creative, sorry :c
  4. why extreme speed went from +3 to +2?
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