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  1. Nice Idea, but i Think an orcarinas shall be useable as often you can. No player wants a PP consumable Orcarina. But if you want to implement one, then you can reach its max PP very high, for a good use. e.g. 200 PP. But think, that this Item shouldnt take more PP for every extra Sweet Scent Pokemon in your Team. Or you can use PP Max how often you want to use to a fixed LImit. But if so, then this Orcarina shall be cheap. Because no one wants to pay extra money after Buying an Orcarina. All in all, pls build in a PP unconsumable Sweet Scent Orcarina.
  2. I think it is a very nice Idea. It is very helpful for grinding with Shiny Charm. May the best player with the highest encounter win.
  3. I hope it, they will add the POketch as soon as possible. I highly liked this feature, too. Because of its helpful features. PLs read my Comment "Poketch" for further details. Pls Comment me your feedback, too
  4. Dear Team, Thanks for allowing multiple accounts in the game. I find a Clan Bank with individual rights (for deposit and withdrawal) makes all clans easier in their everyday life. So that all business no longer has to be conducted via 2 accounts of other members and unnecessary commands and bookings can be eliminated. This allows clans to respond more quickly to donations and other incidents.
  5. Dear Team, Cool that you have implemented the secret bases in Hoenn. This feature also has interesting potential. Makes it like in HG/SS that you can challenge your friends/rivals in the bases in the form of NPCs. I think many will then like to travel through Hoenn and experience exciting fights. Please adapt the LVL of the NPC to that of your own team. And as soon as 1 monster reaches Lvl 100, the NPC should have only 100s in his team. I'm very happy if you can challenge these NPCs as often as you like, so that Hoenn becomes a place of challenge. The GP or the money do
  6. Dear Team, Thank you very much for the installation of black and white. Please implement the Black City and the White Forest with their two facilities. I played a lot of White Tree House games myself and trained a lot of Pokemon and made a lot of money from it. I think it is the most important feature in all Unova. It captivated me for hours and was great fun. If you think that this is too much money, give a moderate amount of GP instead or an extra currency for it with which you can only buy nice and useful items in the shops of this city. I think that also has a lot o
  7. Dear Team, Thank you for installing the Game Corner. Here too, I have allowed some time for relaxation. If possible, please install the Piepi mini-game in the slot machine. In this mini-game Piepi shows her fingers, which indicate which button to press. If you do this in the right rhythm you get bonus coins. This mini-feature is very funny. Please also install the Voltorb minigame again. A game of a mixture of Minesweeper and Nonogram. Maybe you can implement games like Black Jack, Chicago (a 3 Dice Game) or Yatzy (a 5 Dice Game) in Pokemon style.
  8. Dear Team, Thank you for making Rotom a permanent Legendary Pokemon that you can catch and use in tournaments. You know the Pokemon song "Gonna Catch them all". Me and some other players are very keen on catching all 649 Pokemon permament. The legends can be inserted as ultra rare encounters. And for PVP, you simply make a new animal BOTH or something like that, in which these monsters can compete against each other. I think it will attract many Pokemon connoisseurs here, if you can really permamently catch all the Pokemon.
  9. Dear Team, Thank you for implementing Sinnoh this year. Do you also want Sinnoh to become the main region for Breeder and Hunter? Then listen to this recommendation. Do you know the feeling that after how many hours of grinding you won't meet a shiny? Shiny Charm doesn't help either? These times are over with this basic item. Walk in the grass and watch the bushes. Build a long chain with your desired Pokemon. And you got a fair chance at a shiny. You'll see for yourself. What other Shiny Hunter can say no to that?
  10. Dear Team, Thanks for the Contest Hall in Hoenn, where players can earn their bands for the rest of the resort. Please install this function also for Sinnoh and if following Johto. Each contest coach wants to be the best through all the contests and all the tapes and the best. Please also install the tapes that some NPCs thwart. Especially in times of COVID there is very little socio-cultural life. Therefore, it is important for our community that the competitions and the other facilities and features that entertain players and create beautiful moments. Please
  11. Dear Team, Thank you for having the Sinnoh fossils found by shredders. It would not be better if there were these fossils in the underground, so that one again does the good hard work as a miner. Finding treasures and growing spheres? Or steal other people’s flags and design and expand your own base? Set traps and run into traps? That is what many connoisseurs want. Please fulfill this wish. Please accept this feature in other regions, if possible. So that the adventure and the excitement becomes great.
  12. Dear Team, Thank you for installing the Battle Frontier in Hoenn. I myself and many others have played many hours at the Battle Frontier in Platinum. I have experienced several times how a strong community with many beautiful moments in the Battle Frontier has been created and a lot of boredom has been filled out meaningfully. This has also occasionally eliminated the stress and bad memories in life. Especially the different game modes (LVL 50, Open Level, Singles, Double, Triples[Unova], random effects (weather, hexes), npcs (Elite 4, Champs, Arena Leaders, Rivals
  13. Dear Team, I think healthy comfort soothes many players and creates joy and motivation for the Sinnoh region. Now that a remake of Pokemon is being planned for platinum, it's even more important to promote the beauty of Sinnoh. One important feature is definitely the Poketch. This way you can keep many Sinnoh fans on the server for a long time. I will briefly list and explain my most important features of the Pokedex here. But it is better to include all features. Just as Pokemon fans want to complete all entries, there are some who want to collect all features. You might be able t
  14. Empoleon1994


    Dear Team, I think it's great that you have already built 4 different regions into PokeMMO. Many players know the feeling that the game loses its appeal after the main story. Therefore implements a quest system. Let the community catch Pokemon for various rewards [Money, Items, EXP] (Catch Quests), breed (Breed Quests), train (Level Quest) or defeat opponents [NPC/PC] (Fighting Quests). With this, you will banish boredom with old-established players. And attracts many players for longer in-game times. This makes your offers (e. g. Donator) more interesting for
  15. Dear Team, Thanks, that is possible to play POKEMMO without spending real money. Thanks for some implement features like the Game Corner. I have played some times in it and takes fun. I have some suggetions, to get POKEMMO more Attractive: A the ingame features 1st. The Battle Frontier in Sinnoh For myselve I have played in the Battle Frontier a lot of hours in the original Platinum. My friends and a lot of other pokemon players as well. Because of the good interaction with each other. The Advantage to play and win in all diffrent fight systems (the Ba
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