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  1. 没毛病,我2月到现在还没闪过 这概率,10%平方,也就1%,太倒霉了
  2. 送萌新还要满努力值的吗,勤勉的大佬爱了
  3. 获得成就:传奇的狗托。 详情:从对战开始,一直使用同一个技能,6回合内击败对手。 细节:我方围巾胆小蛾子,攻速拉满。 开局使用火之舞,特攻+1,对方雷蛋使用挑衅,掉半血; 第二回合继续火之舞,特攻+1,对方换上地龙,掉1/3血; 第三回合继续火之舞,特攻+1,对方使用尖石攻击,miss,对方掉更多血; 第四回合继续火之舞,地龙倒下; 第五回合对方换上刺甲贝被秒杀; 第六回合对方换上火神蛾投降。 对方的段位貌似很高,不过运气是真的不好。 实际上在地龙那里我就应该换物盾来挡,但是我脑子一抽就头铁了,对面真就配合地miss一下() 这种神奇的对局是我第一次遇见,让我记录下这有趣的时刻()
  4. 其实我建议你练到刚好20级,因为萌新在击败第一个道馆之前只能使用20级精灵
  5. Passed all gyms, and then you can role play as a magikarp uncle like me, or go to PVP. I always lose in PVP, which makes me so bored that I start to role play.
  6. Wow, even free is OK. I like to watch you using the Gyarados to beat down Gym Leaders.
  7. I often role play as a Magikarp Uncle. When I find a new player, I greet to him: “Hey, buddy. How about buy a Magikarp? Just for 500” And then I give him a lv20 Gyarados. Sometimes they buy one and add friend with me. Sometimes they just block me. Sometimes they don't have 500, but it doesn't matter. I will still give. Sometimes they cannot understand both English and Chinese. I try to use Google translate to communicate. It's really a fun game. XD, do you want a Magikarp? 我常常在新手路上扮鲤鱼王大叔。 我找到一位新玩家,然后向他打招呼: “嘿兄弟,要来一条鲤鱼王吗,一只500”
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