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  1. Nah, all the good players joined staff
  2. I haven't touched this game for a while. Could never get my controller to work with it and my internet was too shit to play online lmao
  3. Wild Geodude have a chance of holding fossils in their respective regions ie. Dome, Helix, Old Amber in Kanto; Claw and Root in Hoenn
  4. But I don't believe we ever spoke 1 on 1 :(
  5. Some relaxation for a change
  6. All Gengars would change to Cursed Body
  7. Tbh battling in Secret Bases is possible now thanks to the Ocarina's.
  8. Pretty sure America is the only country that uses it anymore. We could all use Kelvin instead
  9. I've actually used a Special Sheer Force Gator in gen 6 showdown before lol, it wasn't too bad
  10. Just start using the metric system, they'll get confused and leave