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  1. Me actually rememebring to post one of my recent catches in this thread???
  2. What I'm seeing is, go to Chargestone and Dragonspiral for my free Ferroseed and Mienfoo
  3. I need a mafia eevee to match mafia chu in your simplistic styl plox
  4. This dude with masterball glasses and an exp share on his head. Pay homage to your randomizer
  5. Art request: Character reference: Plochu and Sandhaz being done with life Preferred pose: Drizzile is my inspiration Sketch or Flat Colored: Coloured but either or Anything else: limbowbad
  6. Ima need a new sploon sig from you, as much as I love my current can't be representing staff still Text: Kizhaz [OpTc] Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Male Inkling, any render is fine. if you go smash route, do glasses boi Background: ink? a map? a dump to represent me? Anything else?: thx bby, earn them stonks
  7. Instead of geomancy it's fishious rend now right
  8. ^ Yes, you can ^ Even if it was your brother you are in charge of your account and what happens on it which makes it your fault, the fact that you're banned means this most likely wasn't the first time either. Don't be a shithead, don't get banned, simple
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