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  1. Desu prob hiding it on some rando number
  2. Hmm I'm not too sure sorry. I think it's 11 since it's the only bell sound I see but it sounds a different pitch
  3. I remember when small jabs at each other didn't have to end in pitiful arguments. At least make this season be somewhat entertaining instead of hard to read between all the online measuring contests
  4. There's been "leaks" of the Pokedex from a week ago. I wouldn't mind if it were real tbh but I'm always skeptical of these things. Apparently this list was made via a post on 4chan or something with hint photos as reference for what the Pokemon are based on.
  5. If you're ever having trouble with other players I urge you to use the block feature to avoid them, if they persist however you can always report their behaviour either in game with a support request or here on the forums https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/
  6. There is a Plasma grunt inside the Pokemon Center that takes you back to N's castle
  7. Because a fix requires the game to be updated, which won't be happening just to fix one ability. It will most likely be fixed in the next update
  8. Sad part is I didn't even need to hack the poll to be in the lead currently
  9. Smeargle > Delibird > Swampert works. Unfortunately it's a gen 4 TM so it's not available yet
  10. I imagine it's because of the PokemonAmie in the newer games that give a higher chance for your Pokemon to avoid moves and get critical hits. To OP, no this is not a feature in PokeMMO. As stated happiness will only increase you Returns power and allow certain evolutions
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