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  1. Kizhaz

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    I'll go 1mil
  2. Kizhaz

    Dark Theme

    Just following the usual Client Customization rules would do. It would be a welcome change
  3. Kizhaz

    [PSL X] Week Three

    Battling Yang
  4. Kizhaz

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    Ok so if the goal of this thread is to find a way to raise a shiny Pokemon's value then the only way to do so is to limit their supply. This can be done the way Tyrone mentioned by making a daily cap of how many shiny's can be found, by capping how many of each species can exist in total, by making them "lose their shiny" overtime etc. These are all ways that their price can be increased however the problem is every way of limiting a shiny will greatly affect other areas of the game such as shiny hunting and in the overall scheme of things be taken as a massive nerf to majority of the playerbase. If there is a way to limit them without affecting such things, I've not thought of it nor has anybody else. No, their sale price have nothing to do with each other. This is not my or anyone elses opinion but a fact. As I said in my previous post they are independent of each other
  5. Kizhaz

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    This post was well constructed and basically explains the reasoning behind most the questions in this thread. In order to make shiny Pokemon valuable again there needs to be a better sink for the valuable ones (nobody is using male Charmander as fodder). But the way to do this would be to have them be limited, just like those vanities you guys hate so much. Unfortunately making shiny Pokemon limited is a terrible idea because as I'm sure everyone in this thread can agree, nobody want's to lose their precious shiny after x amount of time. This whole comparison to VanityMMO is ridiculous on the otherhand as shiny prices and vanity prices do not affect each other, they are independent. Lowering Vanity prices by no longer making them limited would not suddenly make shiny Pokemon more valuable because there are still more and more shiny Pokemon being found everyday.
  6. Kizhaz

    [PSL X] Week Two

    Myself and Butlerrr in 40
  7. Kizhaz


  8. Kizhaz

    [PSL X] Week One

    Not to reignite the flame but I think that whole section about Epic not paying attention to chat can be proven otherwise by his comment in this thread. Somebody also mentioned he typed ./dnd in normal chat. If anything I would be questioning if he knew how to activate dnd in the first place
  9. Kizhaz

    [PSL X] Week One

    @RLotus I very much doubt either player was coached, but this shouldn't mean that they should not be punished. The rule is to have /dnd on, not "do not get coached". The difference being one is enforceable whereas the other can never fully be. ----------------- Regarding the 2 Yellow over 1, I too was confused as to why the hosts chose to go against their own rules, however if both players were warned during the match to put it on and chose to ignore it then I think it can be justified. Problem then become if they had whispers enabled to see the warning, or if they were on mobile. I think given the response of the players this shouldn't be too much of a concern
  10. Kizhaz

    [PSL X] Week One

    I feel violated
  11. gg not bought ticket, you win
  12. Kizhaz

    [PSL X] Week One

    I'm bad because I didn't ss the win message, was too busy looking for a video that wasn't filmed on a potato
  13. Kizhaz

    [PSL X] Week One

    Playing Jovi in 10min
  14. Kizhaz

    Frequently asked questions.

    It should always be available

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