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  1. Kizhaz

    Are hotdogs sandwiches?

    Personally only the first 4 on that image are sandwhiches
  2. Kizhaz

    Gen 6 Implementation Theoretically Possible?

    Not only would it be a lot of work, but to make it in 2d it would need to be recreated which might raise some legality issues
  3. Kizhaz

    Goodbye ma boys

  4. Kizhaz

    Motorcycle buff

    That would somewhat fall under P2W imo
  5. Kizhaz

    [Story] Our Diary 2.0

    Dear Diary, You're a bit dusty, it's been a while since we last spoke. The forums have been updated and the default text font changed, it triggers me deeply. Otherwise it's saddening to see I'm still doing the same thing I was last time I wrote here, or perhaps that's a good thing? idk. My neighbors recently started renting their house out on weekends for parties etc, so every week I get to listen to the different kinds of crap taste in music people have. I'm also yet to be invited, rude ikr. I'll be building a PC soon™ which will be exciting as my current has been bluescreening on startup. I will be upgrading to dual monitors at the same time so everything will be easier, unfortunately I'm waiting for 1 part to come in stock before I can begin building, supposedly 1-2weeks is the wait (that was last week) my fingers are crossed. It's a shame I will have this monster PC but still can't do anything because of my potato internet. The day my internet get's upgraded I think I'll cry.
  6. Congrats @PAMontezuma I'll mail you in game
  7. Kizhaz

    [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    Download the link in the OP, place the zip file inside PokeMMO > Data > Mods, On the login screen turn the mod on
  8. I have the stuff for the thing
  9. Kizhaz

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Get out
  10. Tile mods are not supported currently
  11. Kizhaz

    Once you complete the pokedex...

    Currently there is no benefit other than having access to their PC entries
  12. You should be happy to know that there are more move/ability functions that are ready for the next update, it's just these updates do not happen frequent enough for them to be noticed it seems

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