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  1. So that you can spend Christmas with family and not on PokeMMO playing a tournament
  2. Why

    It's never been a function and is litterally on of the first things they teach you in the games, alonge with "if two trainers eyes meet, you have to battle". Allowing players to run makes items such as potions and revives almost meaningless, so this would be a very bad idea
  3. Quick Question

    Tis not yet functional
  4. Catch Event Prize

    so? It shouldn't matter who it is that wins
  5. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    Go to menu > Support Request. Type in "Please move player ______ to language __" The request then get's answered and everybody's happy
  6. a possibe fix to lvl cap issue

    My biggest issue with this is that it would make Alt accounts more prevalent. Why go through a region with increased difficulty when you can just make a new character and do it with the same end result. A system that makes Alt accounts better than having everything on the one character is a flawed system imo
  7. Catch Event Prize

    I can tell you right now this won't be happening. We wont be reserving certain species to event winners
  8. I think this thread has run it's course
  9. Snow Warning , Magic Guard ect.

    These abilities, moves and items that currently don't work should be patched pretty soon. Shant be an issue for too long
  10. Really not liking level caps

    I don't believe any staff member has used the term "git gud" so I don't know why you keep quoting it like we have. As for Xela mentioning his Spinda playthrough, he's doing it to show that it is possible to complete the story with a sub par team, he's not bragging about his accomplishments nor telling others to do the same as him, it's just when we get complaints from people using decent Pokemon saying it's impossible when we all know it's possible. "What if they don't want to play comp? What if they want to play through the game casually with friends?" They still can. The difficulty increase is not to get the playerbase into competitive play (it can be however, so you're not entirely incorrect) but to better prepare them for challenging PvE content that is planned in the future like Dungeons. These will primarily be PvE and very challenging, and if similar to the Winter event last year were possible to go through the dungeon with a friend. The game has had it's difficulty ramped up. This isn't your typical GameBoy game that hand holds you, nor is it meant to be. In the end all it takes is a little thought and some items to win these battles, they are meant to be difficult and they are meant to be rewarding.
  11. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    I swear I wrote Tauros, mb. As for Starmie, I still believe NC to be the better ability, but Analytic is useful against scarf and when the opponent switches ai suppose. "The game doesn't need to move on" already starting with a false statement. Every game eventually has to make changes to keep their player base. As for forcing this method of obtaining HA, is that not what this thread is for? We're not forcing anything. Same could be said back when breeding was changed to the refinement method, we had daily complaints about it. But now it's considered a great way to make Pokemon across majority of the playerbase. Not every Pokemon benefits or even has a HA. Even beyond that point, some Pokemon still benefit from their regular ability just as much as their HA. So no most mons won't need "fixing" I do play this game as a player, and I'm fairly happy with this idea soooo... The issue I have with this is that there would be unlimited HA once you've caught them. There would be no incentive to go back to the dungeon if you already unlocked the pill. With Kyu's current method of catching and breeding, we can make sure no extra HA Pokemon are made, thus still making them special (This due to the refinement breeding process ofc) I fail to see how lower tier players are in more of a predicament than anyone else. Everyone is in the same boat here
  12. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Out of all those, Magneton and maybe Hitmonlee are the only 2 that benefit from their HA. So no all your years of hard work are not wasted, not that they would be anyway since if you've been using them now how can they be wasted?
  13. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Would you not just have Roselia HA as the child? I believe this is the ability Leaf Guard in this case

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