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  1. I think I'd go invisibilty anyway. Flight seems like a bad power when you're afraid of heights, not to mention I practically have the power of invisibility already. Only thing flight has going for it is blue ink (and possibly more votes)
  2. As Ploegy says, I would always reccomend it to anyone
  3. Kommo-o get a broken Z-move now, yay for VGC. At least the music sounds great and the character models look better
  4. Power of Flight or the Power of Invisibility
  5. That would just lead to trolling etc. I can safely say this wont be something we will be looking to add and as such will be locking this one
  6. This is already a thing. If somebody is inappropriate in the chat they will be punished. No reason to punish those that are behaving
  7. No To the itch, not the managers
  8. Seems like a lot of effort just to allow linking a very specific section. At that point we may as well add a link to the guide tavern in the FAQ. Not to mention there is almost always a staff member watching the chat for such occasions. Also ads would be a very bad idea as it would only act as an annoyance and possibly turn people away. I almost posted something similar last night, but yours turned out much better
  9. ahahaha piss off, Randoms is bs
  10. Triple post, idc
  11. Who are you?
  12. I like a genuinely nice person, it's a rare sight. That said not sure if I feel bad for what I had to do in this match lol Immediately after. What was that about high damage, less accurate moves @Gunthug?
  13. I see Mystery Dungeon always making me Squirtles and Chikoritas, but sure
  14. @Ploegy Stop playing sticks