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  1. Make a hover box (empty box) where make gtl refresh when the mouse is over/floating, after remove the mouse from the area, stop refreshing. For mobile, a touch box. While touching, works. Refresh time could be of 2 second seconds. Why? This is to make easier to detect parcels incoming, and not overwhelmed the system, only works when mouse hover.
  2. Hello, just a idea: Random could be less available. Only available eventually at tournaments, so its not possible to access random anytime, making it more special and curious
  3. Android client Please add a swipe up over a move to make it show the move show description since I have troubles to make it appear by holding a finger on it. Swipe up or and Swipe down or and swipe left and right
  4. Appearence is aesthetics. I think he means appearing ratio.
  5. I prefer to make a split for best friend list for 50 person and know ones for 2000 (no notification) Additional technology for socialization is always good.
  6. If it's not healing I can't beat them LOL
  7. Why to do? Save limited items from vanish permanently. Why not do? Banned account means illegal stuff, can be acquired through a game bug that makes unlimited amount of resource that might not be legit
  8. That would be one of my favorite Pokemon Tier: Caught (Single) and Caught (Doubles) - All Pokemons from OU, NU, UU are allowed. - Non OT Pokemons are allowed, if its not Breeded nor rewarded from torunaments or events. How to differentiate a caught Pokemon from a Breeded one? Just look on Pokemon specification sheet, it says if it hatched or was found somewhere.
  9. Impress your friends for 24h and make all of your Pokemons non shiny to shiny. Go nuts! GIFT SHOP
  10. There is no half life 3 There is no hidden abilities on pokemmo. There is happiness on Halflife 1 and 2 and the same on pokemmo. But if you guys are complain about hidden abilities me too I will support it
  11. I just want Ninetales drought and Ditto imposter. Hey guys, Maybe dungeons are done or almost done, they are possibility Will release soon. We need to know what percentage of work is done Is it 90%?
  12. Friends in list ordered first. Latest friend whispered ordered first than not whispered friends.
  13. I appreciate the suggestion.I ts currently possible in Lunar event. Would be cool on history mode over all map. Though, I already played the map. It should be nice if there were available new maps and new history to play with low speed progress. Lvl 1 to 100 taking a year would be nice like MMorpg. Its never gonna happen thoughdue to legal rights of the Big game company not allow recreate Pokemon history
  14. I always read. But, I .
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