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  1. I got to right again here in this post I want so much there for Summer Event happen Dungeons in Xmas/Lunar style where you can get Pokemons having Hidden Abilities fight and catch them and seasonal cosmetic
  2. Yearly increase difficulty to find a shiny and fees for breeding so the Pokemon can increase price every year as well the cosmetics do. As well provide more ways to boost money farm, like sharing a Riches charm in a link with high boost or stronger Shiny Charm item boost EDIT Please move that to suggestion box. That's appreciated
  3. In my opinion the whales are selling 9999xWinged Helmet I guess the party is over.
  4. I mean to Dungeon happen temporarily once a year
  5. Make Dungeons come to PokeMMO as a Summer Event beginning in 2022.
  6. Dungeons could happen as a Summer Event
  7. Yes, we need a event between lunar and Halloween. Even if it's another XMas/Lunar Similar Dungeon. Please.
  8. @BrokenJokerexactly, this is so rich. That would be nice.
  9. Hello, I think it's possibly easy to add a small text to a cosmetic description where says which players the cosmetic item passed by. Since the cosmetics item are not stackable, they are unique. And I see the possibility to explore the unique features. Just add a data variable when acquired and a date variable when unaquired events and from which player. That would be curious to know who had these items before. You could add a minimum time limit to hold to print a name, like a week.
  10. Balancing rewards for XMas event request: Give two Santa's Present for second boss rank. Because two bosses were killed. I agree to not give the reward immediately for the first boss, because it's too easy. But give 2 presents for second
  11. More suggestions: Add a search text function on trade chat, for a accumulated trade messages search for nickname of owner. .
  12. Reconnect YES/NO button is not safe. Especially on mobile. People misclick NO when they were trying to reconnect and lose the event link unintentionally. That happened with me on mobile. I suggest add two separately blocks Yes/No for mobile and as well for pc
  13. Turn / Spin the player character is not updating to other users from world. Example, assuming I face left and I turn to face right (Without move my coordinates) this information is not being updated to other players around me.
  14. Currently I play with music and effects muted.
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