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  1. Enhance/rework/reforged graphics with resolution increased to 720p or work on a 3d global solution
  2. Make pop up NPCs and Pokemon in cities with something to do with them more eventually. Make more of multiplayer cooperative tasks and eventually pop up things. Teleport the players together to a wild event area with walking enemies Pokemons or NPCs there and you and your friend have some thing to do together, just like a role play pokemon game. Dungeon and dragons of Pokemon
  3. Take all of these hatched Pokemon and give vouchers proportionally to the amount of 1x31 Pokes needed to rebreed them in the current mechanism. It is only a change on how bracers work which makes very difficult to breed a 5x31.
  4. Make the bracers NOT guarantee 100% for pass IV of 31. Above 25 IV, it should be harder to pass. For example: for a 31 IV in Strength, using Power Bracer: 25: 100% chance of pass 25 IV. Above here, the chance is half. 26: if IV is 26, you have 50% chance from 25 to 26. 27: 33% chance for pass between 25, 26, 27 randomly. 28: the same logic, will be random chance to pass from 25 to 28 randomly. Chance here is 25% 29: from 25 to 29 will be random chance each. 30: also here 25 to 30. 31: here it is 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31. In order to
  5. I am just observing when it is going to happen
  6. 99.9%of players dont have all of these cosmeticsbut I agree with it, why not?
  7. A multiplayer blackjack would be nice and would contribute against the money inflation if it is difficult to win. The cool thing about it is that it is about players against the computer , cool
  8. It makes sense, though you can buy rp vouchers without paying in real life. Anyway, devs have already discussed about it. They want to give hidden abilities from dungeons for some not overpowered pokemon if im not wrong ;)
  9. Daily plots IMO are rematchs. The feature is there.
  10. 3 Reasons to have a week of delay for a new member leave from a team. I hope it can improve the game experience. 1. It is rude enter/leave in a short period. 2. Gives time to the boss do something to keep peoples interest in the team, which is 1 week before leave. 3. Third is kind of joke but: It is a good excuse to give when someone invites you to a team and youre not interested: I am in a 1 week period, I cant leave my team. Peace
  11. After I talk with a Chinese I decided to write this idea. That idea HERE will make people from different language able to inter-act, and it will help people talk with strangers without using a translator. Description: A quick answer that I can send in English and a Chinese will receive it in chinese, respectively. How it works? Examples? Select from a menu talk texts, it will display correctly in another language, because it has a pre-translation to every language. Example: [i want to sell] + [I want to trade] + [Item/Pokemon] + [Hav
  12. Just for re-check the price of a item we bought in GTL, would be cool to have written in GTL purchase email the price of a parcel there. It's just to re-check. Money needs to be checked always. Just add, if possible, the price we purchased there in email. Thank you!
  13. Hi every one. Portrait mode on Android with controls A/B, Arrows on left side (or right side), to allow someone to control every thing with one hand, while other hand drinks a coffeee or eat a biscuit hahaha. Design: A/B Buttons located above arrow buttons. Where: on left side (or right side). With a possibility to have them a two hands mode: - Left hands - Right hands - or Two hands. It will need a huge User Interface rework to fit everything. Maybe this work on ui can help to bring a possibilit
  14. Which player would not want a legendary? I am very interested in having them, even its not allowed in pvp.
  15. I don't see price not floating Financiar guy. - The data on last week could be empty. - The parcel takes much time or not sell never for the same price of last week. - The parcel sells to fast with same price of last week. - Everyone is able to put a different price from last week. This feature could apply to players with less than 100 hours. It is tips for noobs ;) I think you were a bit radical about it.
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