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  1. thank you. actually I did used a Starmie with ice beam, Surf, psychic and thunderbolt. i did used some revives but went well its a good carry
  2. Already had a Staryu and lvlin atm. Got surf and psychic already. thank you :)
  3. I will try catch some staryu tonight and lvling it. What kind move can I equip? Some Surf, Psychic and stuff like that will be good ones? Ok, I will rise some money and buy that moves too. thank you
  4. Hello everyone I would like to know what kind of pokemon are recommended to beat E4 (1st time lvl cap 62) I already have a FULL Team 62 Only Gyarados 60 (PIKACHU, CHARIZARD, GYARADOS, STEELIX, HITMONCHAN, PIDGEOT) but can even pass Lorelei. About evs and Ivs I don't know about it I just leveled to 62 Or maybe this team isnt wrong but need some adjust. Well, hope you guys can help me. If this is not the correct place to post sorry. Move to a correct area or delete please. Thank you so much
  5. Does not work on WIN 7 because Python only works on win 8 or later
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