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  1. IGN: AmpiTK Country: Venezuela Preferred tiers: UU/NU Personal note: MaduroCoñoetumadre // #FREE-AmpiBuFF Discord: ampi#0275
  2. Team Name: RedMarkWarriorsTeam Tag: RmW Registered Players: vLucho,IOsleyI,LokiID,AmpiBuFF,Busso,AngeloDLZ,SardinaWallera,JavielitoxD,Rigoox,MADDNESS,Einarcamilo,XxWhiteDemonXx,XxDarkDemonXx,Simuel,XGoldenFreezaX,xJulian,EHStratos,ErosG,XMEMEX,Kevingab,ElJeancha,MoonTIK Captain: LokiID
  3. Team Name: RedMarkWarriors Team Tag: RmW Team Manager: LokiID Number of TT won: 1 Players with an official win: Busso AngeloDLZ XGoldenFreezerX OliverAtomFC Lista de todos los jugadores: Busso, LokiID, AngeloDLZ, OliverAtomFC, vLucho, XGoldenFreezaX,AmpiBuFF,Edwinssss,IOsleyI,JavielitoxD, Damzito,XxWhiteDemonXx,Einarcamilo,Ayzex,Edgarcitoo,Simuel,Kendaya,Maligs,XMEMEX,MADDNESS,emibluma,AshKetchump,xJulian,MathewGG,Rigoox,EHstratos,ErosG,Kevingab,XxDarkDemonXx,Hoatzy,Hokage,ElJeancha,Sunamie,Juancabrer,RevenanZ
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