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  1. Thank you Mathew i appreciate it :)
  2. Thanks again Aerun, and Gilan appreciate the guide
  3. Thanks Aerun, where do I find the daycare which city is it? also how do you get the braces?
  4. Hi everyone! miss you guys :D i kinda wanna comeback after a REALLY long break from Pokemmo, I like how much improved it is and most important thing is how we can check IVs now! but when i started playing again felt kinda lost and not sure what to do, i feel like all my comp pokemons are going to be useless now especially since i found out they never had optimal IVs just decent ones, also pretty sure the Pokemon tier list has changed quite a bit, is there any recommendations for me on what pokes i should focus on farming and how do i breed in this game?
  5. jeehad? is that u?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Demando


      oh no .. all those amazing comp Pokemon and shinys gone :/ that really sucks, i guess he never made another account after that? let him at least know that i said hi :)

    3. RysPicz


      Comp quality went up a lot, now you will see 5-6x 30-31 everywhere ; p I think he did have another account but it was banned too. I'll ask Fuji to tell him "hi" from you though ^^

    4. Demando


      yeah with breeding its way easier now, btw how do i go to the new regions? i'm still in the very first one

  6. Hey :) How have you been!? It's been a very long time.

  7. Hello Emlee xD!!

  8. Hey, Demando. Hope you're doing well.

  9. Demando


    i'm back too... i think
  10. Come back, Demando. :)

  11. demando stop playing LoL and come back!

  12. you got removed from staff as well? whats going on =/

  13. Plizard!? what happend ? you quit?

    1. Plizard


      Nah, more like taking a few months to myself. New full time job plus summer college classes kind made it difficult to also try and be a part of the PokeMMO staff.

  14. Stop being dead. Come back tom me :)

  15. Come back to us! :(

    1. Demando


      hey Emlee! too busy these days don't have time lol, i'll be free again in a few days :P I really miss you all

    2. Emlee


      <3 Good luck with whatever you're up to! See you when you get back.

    3. fany


      i miss you demando ;_;

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