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  1. I don't if this was posted already but I really hope that there's a banking functionality wherein the officers can store a pokeyen / pokemon on a bank. As of now we're trying to build a fund that will be use for the future events of our team and that fund is being transferred to an alternate account of the officer for storage purposes. I really hope that this will be implemented in the future development of PokeMMO. I think this will be a good functionality for the game, cheers!
  2. Hello, I've been looking around every regions and I've never found a NPC that can teach my dragonite extremespeed. Also, there's no same egg group with dratini/dragonair/dragonite that can learn extreme speed. I already asked this on the global chat they said that extreme speed move that can be learned thru battle frontier tutor with battle points but when I got there there's no tutors. Hope you can guide me on this, thanks!
  3. Can anybody tell me where's the location of the 2 old ladies? I've been looking up forums telling me that there location is near the battle dome but when I got there there's no NPC for move tutors. The reason why I needed them is because I want my dragonite to learn extreme speed.
  4. Hello, I am new to the breeding system and my friend have been discussing to me on how to breed a species with the same egg group but the one thing that I noticed is when she showed me an example. The result / breeded pokemon is being displayed to her. While, mine just showed an image with a question mark? Is that an issue or a bug from the PC?? Here's an example my friend sent to me. Here's mine
  5. Have you guys notice that there's a power bar for pumpking? If yes, what does it do to pumpking?
  6. I was told by one of my friends nasty plot is banned for PVP. Is that true?? Should I get a conkeldurr with a tanky type stats? Thanks!
  7. I got a gengar but I didn't know that Gengar can do much damage to Blissey/Chansey. I also planning to get lucario or conkeldurr to counter it but really don't much about fighting pokemons
  8. Hey, I just got my first PVP experienced with Blissey / Chansey. Any idea how to counter the pokemon? Wish and Soft boiled really annoys me. Should I get a lucario or conkeldurr? Thank you and hoping someone would reply to me
  9. I am freaking nervous a while when I am trying to farm an amulet coin. A horde of mankey just tried to covet my pokemon with amnesia brace but died. So they didn't have a chance to steal my amnesia brace.
  10. I just bought amnesia brace from the gift shop. It is possible that the item can be stolen using thief/covet? Thanks
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