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  1. Not just Sonnoh, the Sabrina gym in Kanto, the Lavaridge, Petalburg, Mossdeep, and Sootopolis in Hoenn, Mistralton and Icirrus in Unova. All those gyms are really annoying to do
  2. At most it would take 40 mins from all four regions (considering most gym puzzles don't take long), it's not like it would make you earn double the cash if you have alts. Maybe you can get one more gym rematch run in a day and tbh if you have that much dedication you deserve the extra cash. But i understand your point of view
  3. It wouldn't make gym rematches broken, because the gym leaders would still mantain the cooldown so we are not going to get more money. This will only make them less boring/frustrating to do
  4. It would be like the Opelucid City Gym, a spot that teleports you next to the Gym Leader. I think having to do the entire gym path just to have the rematch is really boring. If you want it balanced for farming, teleporting could take the time that it takes to go across the gym from the amulet coin timer.
  5. If you use the Bag button all items are listed by their function.Breeding ones are in the upper part of it. sorry if the english is bad. And then you just have to give it to the pokemon like in the normal games.
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