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  1. hi everyone! i know pokemmo since a couple years but i just started playing it "seriously". main objective right now is finishing all available regions, then i'd like to learn breeding to build a good team. In game name: hakumenxxx Hours played: only a few, but i've been experimenting with the game for some time Screenshot of your character: Country where you live: italy The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: seigi shikkou by makoto miyazaki Your autobiography would be called: "i have no idea what i'm doing" Current occupation: pokemon trainer Sweet or Salt Popcorn: salt, of course Your super hero power would be: superluminal speed Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: don't know, but i have several favourites (mostly from the early gens) and a lot that i just want to watch faint (muahahahahah) Favourite Movie: glass (but all the trilogy is amazing) Your favourite TV show as a kid was: dragon ball z Last meal you ate was: rice and lentils
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