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  1. Hello everyone, can someone tell me how you can contribute cosmetics created for the game?
  2. Name Of Game: Kelionister Country: Venezuela Preferred Levels: Ou. Personal Note: I just want to see how far I can go Discord Tag: KelionisterHD#4030
  3. Hello, I make this post in order to gather information, what I want to know is the following; How can you make Mods for the PokeMMO community? Is a program needed?
  4. @Bearminator the inscriptions are open ?? I Like Post My Team
  5. This new ''system'' of raffles is more safe for the new players
  6. Machoke my frist shiny at 820hrs at the game
  7. Hello friend bearminator I make this post to ask the following; I may sound annoying but no, how long does it take to reply to a private message? I have sent one and have not responded for months: 'v PS: I understand the hard work you have and I congratulate all the admins of the game for such a wonderful job, thank you for your attention :)
  8. Hello everyone in this post I want to ask a little question. PokeMMO is functional for Android 4.4.4 ???? My android tablet doesn't support it, I don't know if it's a problem with the version, whatever it is, it won't let me install it
  9. Hello Friends of pokemmo, hear someone know how I can apply for CM, I already know the rules and I comply with all but I write to the admin and he does not respond: 'What is the mechanism to become an admin? Thank you for your attention
  10. Hello friends, do you know if the staff have been active, since since November 21st they have stolen my shiny pokemon until today NOBODY has answered me please helpme
  11. Hello friends, I want to ask a question. I have heard rumors from players saying that they will introduce a kalos hackrom for pokemmo since there are no original roms, how true and probable is this? Of course I understand that it will take years but I still want to know if it is true
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