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  1. You should do a Lucario Smash Sig :3 I really loved the Falco one, Lucario next pls, <3
  2. Feels like im seeing more White than the actual Signature. Try Slowing it down. Make the sigs appear longer.   It's not good nor bad... doesnt really have something special in my opinion. Keep in mind: Animation isn't everything. It's only an extra. Signatures aren't great just because they have an effect unless you are Hol.   Overal 4/10. 
  3. Its really simplistic, nothing more nothing less. And i love it, 8/10 [spoiler]This is more 'In Your Face' than the umbreon / espeon sig.[/spoiler]
  4. Looks really dark and Bisharp is streched in the length, as i mentioned before I hate that. Also i feel like the mini bisharp doesnt add anything. Its red is way too bright in comparison to the whole sig, it distracts alot. The flashy thingy above ur name adds a nice effect. And ofc the cool scene in the middle.   Overall 5/10
  5. Everyone is sweating over the fact that espeon and umbreon have claws, but really... they have PAWS...................... just saying. Also they can't learn Slash nor Cut so I wouldn't have used that slashing effect anyways.   And about the Signature: First of all, Espeon looks streched in height, i hate when people do that.   I also agree with the opinions on the font, it is really hard to read. You might think its clearly readable, but a signature is meant to be readable for everyone right? Else there is no reason to show it off. So i'd just take the advice of people around yo
  6. Just came by to say that these Sigs look amazing. Keep up the good work!
  7. Blissey OT sammier, 1st one you ever caught.

    1. FlareBlitzz


      Never 4get :(

    2. Sammier


      <3 SahilShiny = Flare, #never4get

    3. FlareBlitzz


      ^_^ LF sammier to play again

  8. Looks great, although its just a picture with a font over it. The font does look great with it tho.
  9. Can't argue with that. I face total defeat.   Thanks :)
  10. Can any1 rate these :3? Been a while since I made a sig.   Animated
  11. play

    1. Sammier


      Why :P are u alive again!?

    2. Anjovies


      uguu ive been alive for a whole month. surprise surprise

  12. This is not how this thread should work, u should rate others too.
  13. A very nice sig with nice animation But its slightly off theme imo, sparkles dont fit zaraki :p eventhough it looks like reiatsu xD
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