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  1. Yes i know but i mean, come on, how does someone not think of priorities in that case ? I felt dumb because i always pay attention to this, and here that didn't even come to my mind. Avalanche is a move i didn't know about, seems like an upgrade of the previous ice move, i read the power was 60 and i stopped reading there ; but mainly, the fact that a Jynx is very squishy and has an ice move which makes him attack last was so illogical for me. For a tank, yes of course, but for Jynx. But thanks for the help guys ! I will pay attention to E-VE-RY-THING from now on, and laser beam h
  2. I feel so dumb right now. I always check that, and for once that thing didn't cross my mind. I used "avalanche", and it has a -4 priority. I didn't think about that at all, since the damage were pretty low and the move only seemed an upgrade of powder snow. I feel like i'm a new at the game haha Sorry for bothering you, this move on my Jynx is awful and needs to be replace at once ! Next time i'll read carefully every new move i don't know about !
  3. Hi everyone, First of all, i apologise if i'm not in the right section, i was looking for a "bug section" but i don't see any post in the "bug report". i'm not sure it's a bug but it's definitely weird. For the past few days, i've noticed a speed change with my Jynx. Before, when he was faster than the opponent, he attacked first. These days, it's random. Last week, he systematically played last during the first round, then he first if he was the fastest ; now he only attacks last. Have you noticed anything ? I wanted to run quick tests to understand. He ha
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