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  1. Gym Rematch cooldown is 18 hrs, But i have not tried the e4 rematch iirc, Elite 4 rematch cooldown is 6 hrs.
  2. "F" for me. ("F" is or "Faint")
  3. What internet provider that you currently using? And if that problem still persists, you can contact the support by https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ Hope it helps.
  4. Success: breed a natured 5x31iv pokemon Failure: Picked a wrong gender which creates a same gender, losing money in the process. The story: when i was breeding a natured 4x31 mon to a unnatured 5x31 mon. That time i picked a male gender, thinking that a 5x31 is a female one. One i'm hatched and when i looked up on a pc storage. I realized that a 5x31 mon is a male, i messed up and losses money in a process.
  5. My first shiny was tentacruel back in december 2020, while i was leveling some pokes in unova for pokedex. But i sell it (alongside beheeyem, 2nd shiny) to someone else cause i'm broke. :(
  6. Thanks for the response, and also I'm not good at English and grammar as well. I'm using this for reference purposes (despite its a simulation). And I was looking for more, but I notice that there is a limited use of a program/simulation, like 3 uses (above the summary results) and its over. Is there a reason why? And because of limited usage of the program, can I use it on the next day? PS: I'm not an IT expert but this program/simulation is very good. :)
  7. Oh god... might getting a shiny rapidash at ~100k encounters. :D PS: Remove the limit. That's my suggestion.
  8. Is the server online now??
  9. Got the same problem on android... :'(
  10. Sweet! Ganda ang catching event. Sa susunod na catching event ulet.
  11. Why my character gone invisible? Lmao.
  12. Everybody's gangsta until 5 rapidash used bounce. The heck am i supposed to do?
  13. 3x teddy ears 2x super iron 2x super h̶p̶ ̶u̶p̶ calcium
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