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  1. Thank you very much friend. As soon as my pc is repaired I will try it. Greetings.
  2. Could you update the folder link? With the new update the black screen problem was solved ... I would really appreciate it
  3. I'll do the test and see if that's the case, thanks for the info, I really like this interface on pc.
  4. I have a problem using this theme on pc. When I enter a house / pokemon center or leave it, the screen goes black and I have to go back in to load it, does someone else happen?
  5. You can use a varicolored amulet (10% more probability, only lasts 1 hour) or else put on a donor status ticket, one of its benefits is 10% more likely, this lasts a week, 15 days, or 1 month. You can buy it in the store in exchange for reward points, or else both in the trade server.
  6. JaviKings

    Fairy types

    But with that logic, dragons are also invincible. Only 2 weaknesses, it is the same, we cannot ignore the existence of 1 type and live forever in 5th Gen just because the pvp would be unbalanced if the fairy type is added. Also, what work does it take to think of a strategy to defeat fairies, come on, are you going to die just thinking of a move set that covers this guy? Do not.
  7. JaviKings

    Fairy types

    And what would be wrong? Are you afraid that dragons will lose their superiority? Today's competitive needs a breeze of fresh air in my opinion.
  8. It was a Wooper in the Hoenn Safari, I went for a totodile for the pokedex, with 350 hours of play, he escaped after the first pokeball.
  9. Maybe add some white or gray, and make an elegant interface, for a change, as said before, there are too many black / dark themes, maybe something modern and innovative is your strong suit. I hope you achieve what you are looking for, it looks good!
  10. Never say never, it was said that Unova could not be put into Pokemmo and today we have 2 regions in 2d ...
  11. Hi, it's nice to see that you have released the full version of the theme. I have some other suggestions, I hope to help you. I would change the font, to a more legible one, since the one it has is something thin and large and it is not something pleasant to look at. In addition, I would put a more transparent interface in battle, since a combat bar with solid colors would overshadow the small pokemon, I hope I have helped you, greetings.
  12. If the case is as it really shows, I do not understand the reason for the ban, there is nothing illegal about giving things to a friend when you stop playing, it is quite normal. I recommend you go to the support section, log in with your game account, and start an appeal ticket.
  13. I look forward to the full version of this project, it brought back a lot of nice memories <3
  14. Go to this link, log in and make the corresponding report. https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/
  15. Hello great icon mod, I love it. I really hope you can fix these two also the next update, the winter version of Deerling is the one with the wrong sprite, as well as Arceus, in addition to Patrat and its evolution. Greetings.
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