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  1. Hi, how are you? Welcome back to PokeMMO, as you may have seen we have 2 new regions (Unova and Sinnoh) in addition to some new mechanics, if you handle Spanish I can welcome you in my team, we take care of helping and teaching the basics to new people and forming a nice community If this is not the case, I can add you friends to chat since I speak some English, greetings and good luck on your adventure!
  2. I still have hopes that they will implement it in the next update, it would be a waste all this work, it looks great and we are all waiting to see it.
  3. Okay, I'll never understand why there is the option to choose a beard or "none" if when I save, I still have it ...? Because they cannot add the option to remove or add facial hair, I continue, the player is supposed to be human, not all of us always have a beard, just as we do not all have a baby face, so I propose the option of removing or adding to taste the beard or the mustache, since in my opinion, it should always be that way.
  4. @Nuree Hello, does anyone else have this problem? I can not exchange with friends, let accept the exchange but after that everything is blocked, I can not close it, open the chat, move, everything is blocked, I have to close pokemmo and open it again without the theme to be able to exchange ... help pls
  5. Hello, the theme is really beautiful, I wanted to know if there is any way to remove or modify the combat bar to make it more transparent, and eliminate the type table, since personally I do not need it and I consider that the combat bar It dulls the pokemon sprite a bit as it is so dark. Thank you.
  6. Hello, probably for many this suggestion is something silly, but personally I think it is something nice and it is an interesting detail, and nothing complicated to add. The idea is to replace the ball fields of BW with those of BW2, these are more detailed, in addition to having different versions for each season, it is rare to be in winter or autumn and that the battle interface is always green. I know the developers are probably a little busy but it is something I would like them to implement.
  7. Hello, I just updated the particles of this theme, I don't know if you can still, but it would help me to place the background.
  8. Thank you very much friend. As soon as my pc is repaired I will try it. Greetings.
  9. Could you update the folder link? With the new update the black screen problem was solved ... I would really appreciate it
  10. I'll do the test and see if that's the case, thanks for the info, I really like this interface on pc.
  11. I have a problem using this theme on pc. When I enter a house / pokemon center or leave it, the screen goes black and I have to go back in to load it, does someone else happen?
  12. You can use a varicolored amulet (10% more probability, only lasts 1 hour) or else put on a donor status ticket, one of its benefits is 10% more likely, this lasts a week, 15 days, or 1 month. You can buy it in the store in exchange for reward points, or else both in the trade server.
  13. JaviKings

    Fairy types

    But with that logic, dragons are also invincible. Only 2 weaknesses, it is the same, we cannot ignore the existence of 1 type and live forever in 5th Gen just because the pvp would be unbalanced if the fairy type is added. Also, what work does it take to think of a strategy to defeat fairies, come on, are you going to die just thinking of a move set that covers this guy? Do not.
  14. JaviKings

    Fairy types

    And what would be wrong? Are you afraid that dragons will lose their superiority? Today's competitive needs a breeze of fresh air in my opinion.
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